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US Fidelis / no warranty

1 226 sabyanSan Antonio, TX, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 210-822-0974

they took the money off of my credit card for a down payment of 125.00 for an extended warranty that they did not send me any papers.

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  • Fo
      30th of Jan, 2009
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    Before you do business with US FIDELIS, I BEG YOU TO READ THIS…………I USED TO WORK THERE! I could go into so much more about this company but I am praying that you will read this entire post and it will be enough information to trust that I am doing this in hopes of saving people from being scammed.

    **** US FIDELIS is now advertising
    their CAR WARRANTIES on

    Please notice that I have backed up this content with
    web sites from government websites and organizations that protect consumers. I also have links from media sources.

    PEOPLE DO YOUR HOMEWORK!!! DO A SEARCH AT THE BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU for DEALER SERVICES…THEY ARE NOW US FIDELIS and they HAVE A GRADE OF ** F ** A+ is the highest, F is the lowest; just like an academic report card.

    Don’t believe me? Go to the Better Business Bureau’s website and do a search. If you need to narrow down your search, go to the St. Louis area of the BBB site. Wentzville is on the outskirts of the St. Louis Metro area. They are at 100 Mall Parkway and also 200 Mall Parkway in WENTZVILLE, MO.

    “The BBB has received numerous complaints regarding this extended vehicle service contract broker. Complainants primarily allege difficulty cancelling policies and obtaining refunds, misleading advertisements, misleading, high pressure or improper sales tactics, poor customer service, failure to pay for vehicle repairs, difficulty contacting the company, misrepresentation of coverage, harassing phone calls and failure to remove names from mailing lists. These complaint patterns are reflected in the complaint statistics below.”

    Scroll down to Business Contact and Profile and you will see all the names this company uses.

    I was shocked when I found out that US Fidelis will be sponsoring Rusty Wallace racing for 35 NASCAR races. Steve Wallace, Rusty’s son will be driving the US Fidelis car. I cannot imagine why his business …Rusty Wallace Racing…would do business with US Fidelis when they are under investigation by several state Attorney General’s; most notably the one in their own state…Missouri. See the link below.

    Rusty--- go to the Missouri Attorney General Website and to the Better Business Bureau of the St. Louis Area and look who you are dealing with!

    You will see that they are also US FIDELIS and NAWS and NATIONAL AUTO WARRANTY SERVICES; and THE ATKINSON GROUP OF COMPANIES. The company changed its name to US FIDELIS because Of bad publicity. They have been investigated and fined by the MISSOURI ATTORNEY GENERAL’S office as well as ARIZONA’S and no doubt several others.
    The name of the company at that time…..National Auto Warranty Services of Wentzville, MO

    Postcards sent out from Dealer Services/NAWS/US Fidelis can be seen in the links below.They had a special group of employees that worked calls that came in as a result of these cards. 90% of the people who called were under the impression that these cards were from their car manufacturer. I know; as I worked in this group for about 3 months.

    Channel 13 News in Jefferson City, MO:

    Florida Attorney General investigating…Here is a report on Channel 6 in
    Miami, FL

    Reports from MSNBC---the first link has been aired on MSNBC during the last few weeks of December 2008:

    ALL OF THE ABOVE ARE reports on the company who has changed their name to US FIDELIS…Notice the cards are all the same.

    Here is a document on the Missouri Secretary of State’s website to prove that
    this company is in fact owned by the Atkinson brother’s:
    Notice the 100 Mall Parkway address; sometimes the address will be 200 Mall
    Parkway; depending on the correspondence and if they are using National
    Auto Warranty Services or US Fidelis.

    Here is something else…..the building that NAWS/DEALER SERVICES/US FIDELIS is in …the owners also opened an alcohol free nightclub called EXODUS. Funded no doubt by the money they have made using unethical and possibly illegal business practices.

    “Darain and Cory Atkinson own US Fidelis in Wentzville, Missouri. Out of the blessings from their business, it was their desire to do something significant that would honor God and be purposeful to the community. From this desire, the EXODUS concept was formed.”

    This statement almost sickens me. I have seen first-hand the unethical business tactics used to make “the owners” money. It would be better fitting to say the
    Business practices are sleazy and underhanded. They target the elderly and undereducated people and use strong arm business tactics. How can they
    keep a clear conscience? Moreover, sales people acquire banking and credit card information by creating a sense of urgency….”Buy it now or you won’t get this great offer again.” This is the standard sales tactic. The sales people avoid
    informing the potential customers of the fine print in the warranty such as ridiculously long waiting “transition” periods before the warranty can actually be used. Because the sales people work for commission only, they will avoid They will process the banking or credit card information before a customer gives the ok to continue so that they (the salesperson) will have the “deal”. This is very common towards the end of the month when the salesperson needs to reach a level for a bonus or to make more commission (they are paid per “deal”).

    The Atkinson brothers also provide space for their church in the building. It is
    non-denominational and is called ‘The Element’. Ironically, the majority of the
    US Fidelis management attends THE ELEMENT church. This church is very much like a cult, focusing on money and success. Watch the QUICK TIME presentation at the website below. There is a married couple on this video in which the husband is an assistant manager and the wife is
    a manager at the newly named “US Fidelis”. They are the bi-racial couple (and please note that I am only stating that they are bi-racial to point out who they are….I am not being prejudiced.


  • Wi
      15th of Mar, 2009
    +3 Votes

    Did you contact your attorney general? Did you know that there is a Class Action Lawsuit against US Fidelis?

    go there and get email and phone information

  • Jj
      25th of Mar, 2009
    +2 Votes

    like the first person said rusty wallaces race team is sponsored by these people--i think we should write him and let them know the kind of people hes dealing with

  • Jo
      19th of Apr, 2009
    +1 Votes

    I made a mistake to, didnt check out bbb on this company and got taken for 400.oo dollars, think god i found out thay were trying to get money from my account but got it stoped in time, what happens is you take your car in then thay send out an inspector which finds something that to not cover the repairs, this just happen on 4-16-09 still not sure how to get my money back, i agree with this complaint 100%

  • Va
      28th of Apr, 2009
    0 Votes

    You cannot get your money back. There is nothing you can do. Of course you can hire a lawyer to get back your $400.00. But the lawyer will cost more than that. Contact your atterney general, and also the one in MO. Get into that class action lawsuit that was filed against US Fidelis, you can find it online. Other than that, this whole sitiation is Fubar'd. I'm sorry you had this happen to you.

  • Va
      28th of Apr, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Here ; The law firm Casey and Devoti is handling the class action lawsuit and there website is: . Their phone number and email is on their website. It says they are offering free consultations so if you have been ripped off by US Fidelis, National Auto Warranty Services, or Dealer Services at 100 Mall Parkway or 200 Mall Parkway in Wentzville, MO……CALL THE LAWYERS!

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