US Department of Education / Americorps stipend!

United States

I received an Americorps award in the fall of 2005. I then submitted paperwork to Direct Loans, US Department of Education to have my award check given to them towards my loan. In February, 2006 the award appeared in my Direct Loan account as coming through... but then in November 2007 it disappeared! I didn't hear why or how or anything, it was simply gone. Because the award money went towards my March 2006 payment, with it deleted from my account I became a delinquent claiming I never paid that month. I finally learn now in March 2008 - Direct Loans never filled out their section of the paperwork properly when it was sent to Americrops for the payment. The problem persists. Americorps claims they paid Direct Loans and Direct Loans insists they do not have a check with my name on it from them. Nobody will help resolve the problem. I speak to both sides at least a couple times a week to no avail. I am completely at loss. I just want the money in my account and to be done with this whole fiasco.


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