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I have been receiving harrasing phone calls from a guy (First name) Stan (Last Name) Lee. name alone already sound suspicious. This person has been calling me for the past couple days from [protected]. This person has a very heavy accent. He constantly calls my JOb and has threten to call my supervisor and is going to have police come get me at work. He states that he is works for Morgan and Associates. When he called i asked him what the adress for his company he says. 2000 bryan tower, 1970 bryan Street Austin Texas, two days later he calls me after i have looked up all this information i ask him the question again he then says his addres is 2001 Bryan Tower, 1970 Bryan Street, Brooklyn NY. I then began to tell him that this is a scam he then continued to call me a ###, I hung up on him and he called my job back, to continue to curse me out.
something has to be done. Can any one help??

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  • Dr
      Oct 29, 2010

    I received a phone call yesterday from a John, phone # [protected]/28/10 stating that I needed to return the phone call with my attorney and this matter was urgent. I called back on 10/29/10 and "Shawn" stated that I owe money and if I do not repay or come to an agreement to pay by today that I would have to pay $6000 and attorney fees on a loan that I took out in Feb or March of this year. I asked how much was the loan for and "Shawn" told me that it was between $300 - $500. He aslo stated that if I agree that this was an oversight on my part that that at the time of the repayment I was in financial herdship that he would complete an OCCR for me so that I could "get out of " oweing $6K. The amount presented was $735 which included lated fees and penalties for non-payment. What I found very weird was that he stated that I had been contacted via email and mail in regards to this matter and I never responded. Couple of things: 1) Never took out a payday loan with this company 2) Never received notification about oweing any money 3) This in fact was the first I was hearing of this and I was asked if I had an attorney and that I would need to get one. I basically told him that I do not owe any money and that I would call him back as I needed to do some more research on my part. I checked my account and never received cash during the time frame mentioned or owed any outstanding funds. The individual I spoke to today had a heavy middle eastern accent.

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  • Co
      Jan 28, 2011

    I have been going through the same thing receiving calls from [protected]-and [protected].They fax me a paper that didnt look offical and when i question them about it they had gotten very angry.The indiviual I spoke to had a very heavy mid-eastern accent as did the woman .They wont give out no address cause I keep asking for one but they want my banking information or want me to get a prepaid card to pay them money that I dont know about cause I dont owe this company anything. Something needs to be done

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