US-1 Van Linesmoving


This is a horrible moving company. They showed up to pick up my stuff from the house 2.5 hrs late. They then tried to charge me almost $200 more than the price I was given on the phone for packing my furniture, when it said in the contract that that was included in the price. The mover was extremely rude and not helpful at all. I had talked to the sales lady on the phone and was promised there would be no additional costs as long as I stayed within the allotted space, which I did.

The company then gave me a very difficult time over when they would be able to deliver my stuff. I had told them the day I needed it but they threatened to not deliver my things if I could not find someone to be at my new apartment 2000 miles away 2 days earlier than I was supposed to be there, JUST IN CASE they arrived early. Otherwise they would charge me $300/day if they got there and no one was there. Once the truck finally arrived at 9:30pm, the movers gave me 2 of the wrong boxes and only realized it when I told them they were not mine. My TV had a huge crack in it and they broke the post off of my headboard. They also put a dent in my nightstand. The final item they brought in was my mattress, however, it was not my mattress. It was someone elses stained mattress in a different size than the one I had put on the truck from my house. They lost my new, $600 mattress and they refused to take the wrong mattress away. Finally, we forced them to put it back on the truck. I have STILL not heard anything from the company after calling multiple times as to where my mattress is.

NEVER EVER do business with this company!

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