UpWorkAvoid this site at any cost!

M Jan 04, 2016 Review updated:

This website looks professional and polished, but later you realize that UpWork is absolutely horrible. This site do not appreciate their freelancers and they will make you feel horrible, even though they get their money from freelancers. Their ranking system is extremely ridiculous and it punishes freelancers if the client doesn't leave feedback's! If you make any mistakes, you will never get Job Success scores. And once you are below 90% you will never get a job again. Their system always crashes and the message system breaks down almost every day! So if you miss a job offer, you will also be punished. Avoid this site at any cost!


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      Dec 19, 2017

    They are fraud, same is happen to me also. They only motivating monthly subscription user. please join with me we will raise legal notification against them.

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