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UPS Store #0936 Denver, Colorado / theft

Contact information:
Phone: 303-753-0888

I shipped my anniversary band back to the manufacturer through this UPS Store location. My husband received word from the jewelry manufacturer location that the box we sent was empty. Myhusband began by calling the UPS Store only to be told lie after lie. I then received a call from the UPS Store because my contact information was included in the shipping information. When I asked the associate to address all of the lies that he had told my husband, he began feeding me contradicting stories or lies. He was insistent that he be the one to recevie the empty box back from the jewelry manufacturer. He also told me that my husband and I were making way to big of a deal about this. I informed him that I would be pressing charges and having an investigation begun, and he stated that we could do whatever in the hell we wanted to do and again we were making way to big of a deal about it and that he really needs the box back. The conversation ended in me filing a formal poilce report and we will be pursuing whatever sort of action necessary.

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