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Hi, my name is liew kian hoe. This is the 2nd time I am writing to uob about your credit services. I receive a phone call to change my platinum
Visa card to prvi miles card. And I distinctively requested 2 times to uob card center, not to immediately de-activate my platinum visa card and give me 1 month grace period to ensure the new card can transact properly.
My platinum card was de-activated before I receive my new card.
Now that I received my new card, I was told that the last month credit was transfer to the new card, (Which is very stupid) and due to some processing problem that uob has in the new card, I need to clear my last month credit as I reach my credit limit now.
Which would not have happen if I was given a 1 month grace period for my platinum visa card.
Hope someone in the management in the correct level can resolve this stupidity.
Have a nice day.

Jan 11, 2017

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