United Healthcare / problem with company approving needed medication and when called supposed pharmacy person did not know what medication was

Sumter, SC, United States

On Dec 23, I went to my local pharmacy (Walgreen) to get my Travatan eye drops refilled. I was told that the prescription was not going through but there was no reason showing. After trying several times, the pharmacy technician advised me to get a new prescription from my ophthalmologist since the present prescription was over a year old. It still had a refill on it. On Wednesday, December 28, 2016, I contacted my ophthalmologist's office regarding a new prescription. Later on I received an e-mail from my pharmacy stating there was a problem with my insurance processing my prescription. Having had earlier problems with United Health Care, (seems I was listed as a male), I contacted them. I did not get the agent's spelling of her first name. It was something like Corriana. I explained the problem to her. She told me she would have to speak to a representative in the pharmacy and it would be 4 or 5 minutes. She came back and told me they could only pay for 3 pills not the quantity of 5 that was showing. I then explained that this prescription was not for pills but EYE DROPS. Obviously there was a problem with communication. This makes me wonder how many other mistakes have been made because someone at UHC does not bother to find out about the medication he/she is approving or not approving. The representative put me back on hold so she could talk to the person representing the pharmacy again. This time when the representative came back on the line I was told that I could get my prescription but it would cost me $85 per bottle because the prescription was showing 5. So I asked if I got a new prescription with 3 on it the cost would be $45 a bottle but if I kept the 5 the cost would be $85 a bottle. I was told yes. I told her I had been told that UHC sucked and I had to agree.
Let me explain what the prescription was for. The 5 was the milliliters. This solution does not come in 3 milliliters it comes in 2.5 and 5. Once more whoever was dictating my prescription did not know what they were talking about. If I can only get a 2.5 milliliter instead of my previous 5 milliliter I will need an additional quantity and will end of up paying more yearly.
My next complaint has to do with your mail order pharmacy. I have tried this before and prefer not to use it. I prefer to keep all my medications at one place that has a record of everything and I can pick up when I need a refill. Since becoming a UHC member I can no longer receive a 90 day supply of either of my required medications. I can only get a 30 day supply at a cost of $15 per prescription ($30 every month) This costs me more per prescription than both cost me for 90 days. However, now I am being told I can get a 90 day quantity of both and it will cost me only $7.50 per prescription but only if I use UHC's mail order pharmacy. I can not get an explanation for why I have to use this mail order pharmacy in order to order to get a better price and quantity. I should mention I can not get my eye drops through the mail. Due to the problem I had just getting my eye drops, I really do not trust any pharmacy dictated to by UHC.

Jan 20, 2017

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