United Health Care / inadequate service with united healthcare

WACO TX, United States

Tried to get approval for a out pt surgery. Received pending
precert. Never heard back from united health care.
Called again, call lasted 1 hour - selance gave a pending
number, however she put the patients young son in as the
patient. Patient was having a hysterectomy. Marilyn deleted
the precert b u t never called dr. Office to say surgery was

I called united health care 2 days prior to surgery and was told
surg had been deleted cause united had put young son in for
hysterectomy. This process of talking with employees went into
another 45 min. Which jason was a big help but the supervisor
name and number shondae williams never returned calls.

Called again following day and talked with carmen after 45 min of holding she had the approval.
Sad but this happens very often of long wait times, they require
a 2 week period of time to get their approvals yet this happens.
Something terribly wrong with the above.

Aug 23, 2016

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