United Education Institute / waste of money

Morrow, GA, United States

In April of 2010, I was at a point where I needed to do something and fast. So I had received information about a trade school that got you certified in 7 months for a career of your choice. I figured this would be a great way to get the ball rolling on a career. I was promised job assistance after I graduated if I wasn't hired for my externship. Needless to say seven months later I went to an extern site that for starters wasn't hiring in the first place and secondly, wanted someone with 10+ years experience. So I kept on the job search, emailing, dropping off, and faxing countless resumes. All the while calling "Career Services" and leaving message after message and not being called back for months. And then when I did finally receive a call it was from some lady asking if I had gone to the temp agency they were now sending dental students too. I was not happy. And the cherry on top of this ### heap experience, not only do I have a certification that serves as nothing but toilet paper but I am now in debt a little under ten grand. I am pissed. This place promises you all of these great life changing things and comes through on one, they get you in their facility to owe them money. Please take my advice, go to real college, at least your debt will be well earned. I graduated in January, it is now July. Still no dental job, and the bills for the student loans are coming in. Thank you UEI, for absolutely nothing. Oh wait, thanks for the debt.

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