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AR, United States Review updated:

united bilt saying 3 monyhs behind in payments, lot of nerve lird, to me when we bought the house just to make sure they could sell it.
going in to my bank account without authorization, calling fifteen times a day, then give false information about facts. thats from their
so-called vp alan gauldin

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      Jul 05, 2011

    These allegations are untrue. This customer bought a home from United-Bilt Homes on credit, signing a note and mortgage to pay for it. He has not made his payments in accordance with the contract and so our collectors are calling him to inspire him to do so. He has made complaints to the Arkansas Attorney General's office that we are auto-drafting his account, which is not true - we are not auto-drafting his account. He recently stopped payment on a mortgage payment and apparently incurred a finance charge from his bank, and so blamed us for that. We are continuing to work with him on this account to help him get his payments current.

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      Oct 14, 2011

    We have also been lied to by United-Bilt Homes' employees. We have also dealt with their vice-president/attorney.

    One thing consistent about United-Bilt Homes is the lying. They don't know when to stop especially when they are being recorded on video.

    United-Bilt Homes lied to us when their Regional Construction Manager entered into a verbal agreement to resolve the Major Structural Issues. He even said they would have to destroy the house to fix it. However, the response they filed with the Better Business Bureau on 5/13/2011: "During my visit I did not say that we were going to tear out drywall and repair. I said that we would repair any areas that were not within performance standards and I wanted to seek advice of the correct way to measure the bows in the drywall. I returned on 4/20/11 and measured the drywall against performance standards and found no areas that were out of the agreed standard. The most bow that was measured was 3/16 inch."

    Don't take my word for it that he lied. Watch the YouTube video of this verbal contract at the link below:

    We have concerns about their honesty regarding the Completion Statement:

    The house is not wired to the local applicable code:

    Electric coop identifies multiple NEC / IRC code violations with wiring of house built by United-Bilt Homes:

    Additional video regarding United-Bilt Homes may be viewed at:

    I would strongly recommend watching the above videos before even thinking about having United-Bilt Homes build you a structure.

    I have posted the above videos on YouTube to prevent others from being ripped off by United-Bilt Homes like we and others have been.

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