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First of all, as an ordinary student in UCSI University who is currently in Year 1 Sam 2 majoring in Finance and Investment, I have several complaints towards the management system in this University.
Way back in Dec 2016, I have completed my Year 1 Sam 1 degree which is something that I could celebrate. Unfortunately, I have been told that I was not allowed to proceed to seem 2 in Jan 2017 due to the INCOMPLETION of my FOUNDATION.
The story is, I had changed my program from Foundation in Science to Foundation in Art during Nov 2015, which was the third month of my 2nd semester in Foundation in Science. I did consulted my HOD of Foundation in Science and she claimed that I could just proceed with my 3rd seem of foundation in arts, complete it and I could proceed with my degree studies straight away without have to EXTEND ANY semester or take ANY more COURSES in the 3rd semester. So, with joy, I decided to change my program. Anyway, I forgot to request BLACK & WHITE from her so I do not have any proves to prove that she made the statement and now, Registrar office had deferred my degree studies and the only choice I have is again, back to Foundation for one seem. Registrar office even replied that there is nothing that I can do and they are unable to provide any assistance yet they are the one who allowed me to do the course selection for my degree courses! Why are they so irresponsible? Why not they directly inform me that I have not completed my foundation and I could not proceed to degree before I get my feet stepped into degree studies? FOBIS even declared my results in Degree Y1S1 had been voided! The only choice I have was to take the balance subjects of Foundation in Art in Jan 2017.
Now, I have completed all the remaining courses in FOUNDATION IN ARTS after RO had deferred my degree program this early semester. Being a responsible student, I attended all the classed every day and finished all the assignments on time and finally completed the final exam.
Nonetheless, until now, my results are still yet to be announced! RO again said that I could not do the course selection now for Degree Y1S2. Then may I know what should I do if the capacity of the subjects that I wanted to select are full? Please do not expect me to ask the HOD again because I tried and she said all the lecturers have no single authority to enroll me into any classes, she will not help me. This is definitely unfair to me as I paid UCSI like how other students do but why am I treated like an outsider? One more thing to say, the exam center did not even arrange a seat for me during the final exam (Jan 2017). I paid EXTRA RM 5500 for this Jan 2017 semester for the EXTRA FOUNDATION COURSES with the CLAIMING of HOD saying that I WOULD NOT HAVE TO TAKE ANY EXTRA COURSES IF MY CHANGED FROM Fe's TO Fie! UCSI, I suggest you to improve your management system first instead of prioritizing on expanding your business? Lastly, do reply me on what I should do if the subjects such as MICROECONOMIC and FINANCE MANAGEMENT 1 which usually have the tendency to be full in capacity are full? Who can guarantee that I could take all the courses that I want after they slowly released my results?

May 07, 2017

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