Twin Hills Ford Lincoln / 2016 ford escape is piece of junk and service is very bad

Ma Mar 10, 2016 Richmond Hill, ON

We bought a brand new full loaded Titanium Ford Escape on November 17, 2015. Since the very first week we had had issue with the remote started now working. We took the car for repairs 3 times between the day we bought it and January. Each of the 3 times the car was left there for a full day for repairs. Every of the 3 times TWIN HILLS FORD told us they fixed the remote starter but every single we took the car the problem still existent. However the 3rd time, when they changed the antenna, it messed up the sunroof.
The sunroof will open randomly when we start the car so now we have additional issue on top of the initial remote issue.

On Feb9th, we dropped off the car for the 4TH TIME, at the dealership to fix both issues. The car was left there for a whole week to get fixed. When we picked up the car on Feb 18th when the car was supposingly fixed but right when we got home we noticed both issues were still there.

So on Feb 23rd, we dropped off the car again for a 5TH TIME at the dealership for repairs. Now they want to tear everything apart, the sunroof, the harness and disconnect the computer...apparently this is what Ford Canada engineers/techs are telling them to do.

Now you can imagine, our fear and frustrations with both the dealership and Ford Canada..just because of the fact that we took it in to fix the defective remote starter and we ended up with more issues and now they want to tear the car apart ...what will result from that.

Anyway the car is still at the dealership since Feb 23rd...that is 17 days it has been at the dealership.

On January 29th, we contacted Ford Canada, been dealing with a customer service manager since then but until today she has been of no help and Ford Canada has done nothing to help us. All we have been getting from everyone is the run around. They don't return phone calls. Basically no one care, we are still without any car and yet they are still full payment (which was for a full loaded Escape) from our bank account every month for something that they sold to us that was defective and worse for something we don't even have.

I want everyone to know and be aware... you all be the judge what would you call that, ripped off comes to mind...we are burned out from calling them and trying to get them to give us a brand new Escape that is not defective or even get out of the lease.

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