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Tustin Toyota / ripoff merchants

1 44 Auto Center, Tustin, CA, United States Review updated:
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This outfit employs shady sales people and finance managers. They tell lies to your face about your credit score in order to raise the interest rate you have to pay on financing. They cheated my girlfriend by adding charges for paint protection, GAP insurance and extended warranty all of which she didn't understand and thought were being included in the asking price. All these extra ripoff charges raised the selling price by over $2000. They also lied to her about the finance term telling her it was over 72 months but wrote the contract for 75 months. They charged her 12.9% interest when other dealers were charging between 6% and 8%, she has a good FICO score. We went back to the dealers and insisted they cancel the contract. They were at first embarrassed that they had been caught out, but then became very defensive and copped a nasty attitude when I told them I was aware of all their scamming tricks and the fact that they had tried to take advantage of my friend who is an unsavvy female. Fortunately my friend was offered a deal to drive off with the vehicle and take it home for me to check it out and had 48 hours to bring it back if she didn't want it. Ironically the sales guy had previously told her that they could never agree to such an arrangement, but the next day called to say that he could do it (another example of the lies they make up). Once I saw that she had been ripped off on the sales price we took the car back and insisted they cancelled the contract. Three different people then tried everything to get us to proceed with the deal after removing all the unwanted extras (paint protection, GAP insurance etc). They had even added 7 year extended warranty when the car was brand new and already had a 3 year factory warranty! We had them remove that as well from the contract. We considered the new "deal" for a while as my friend really needed new wheels urgently, but eventually decided we didn't want to deal with these sharks out of principle. These guys are liars and cheats and consumers should be wary of dealing with them. Don't ever let your friend, family member, partner etc go to buy a car at this dealership unless they are a savvy car buyer, otherwise these crooks will rip them off big time! David the Manager (an oriental guy) is a nasty piece or work and Steve (sales guy) is extremely arrogant and pretty dumb though he tries to act intelligent as he spews a bunch of BS out of his mouth. Caveat Emptor!

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      30th of May, 2016
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    This dealership ripped off my elderly mother. She thought she purchased her vehicle on a six year loan only to learn 3 years later that she was in a lease. She had the option to pay the remaining balance or be SOL. In addition to paying off the balance, there was an additional $1200 in transfer and other fees. Total crooks!!

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