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BEWARE: extremely incompetent company/individuals, con artist, fraudster and scammers, Truelogic Technologies PVT LTD, Raman Katyal (the leader/initiator/con artist of the scam/fraud), Sudhanshu Mishra (AKA: RKPUTRA, which I recently learn he doesn’t even work in that company, however he potrays himself as the head “fraudster, scammer, con artist” of the company. He is actually working for another company Magnom International, Raman Katyal utilize him as the fraud/scam closer) and then you have Vikramjeet Singla (works as the scam/fraud moderator, he is there to buy more time.)

The Scam/Fraud goes like this:

Raman Katyal leader/initiator/con artist of the scam/fraud for Truelogic Technologies PVT LTD ( has multiple accounts on most of the freelance, script, coder websites. He will bid on most of the ecommerce, open source projects. Once the employer initiate Raman Katyal leader/initiator/con artist of the scam/fraud of Truelogic Technologies PVT LTD ( will tell you his head of IT will get in touch with you Sudhanshu Mishra (AKA: RKPUTRA the head fraudster, scammer, con artist closer. Who actually works for Magnom International.) So far it looks all legit, then they ask for 20% upfront, once the 20% upfront is paid, Sudhanshu Mishra (AKA: RKPUTRA the head fraudster, scammer, con artist closer is out of the picture and Vikramjeet Singla the scam/fraud/con artist moderator comes in, he is suppose to be the PM, however most of this is only a front and he doesn’t have much substance, knowledge or involvement with the actual project, he is there to continue the scam/fraud. Within 2 weeks doubt will begin to show, then excuses, promises, lies, imcompetence, will come from their end and a few weeks before the project is suppose to be finnish as promise, indicated in the proposal you will realise they were scamming, Frauding all along.

CAUTIOUS of Raman Katyal. He has worked very hard to perfect his front, website, proposal, and company stamp on NDA, however beware this is all an illusion. His website indicates every services and expertise in the IT field, but actually he doesn’t have any experience in any of those fields and his workers/other company he will hire are extremelly incompetent and of the lowest skills. In his proposal he also mention beeing Microsoft certified (scam/lie/fraud/misrepresentation) and 150 employees (scam/lie/fraud/misrepresentation). He his very proud of his feedbacks on from another site, however most of the good feedback comes from friends or very small project that he can outsource to someone else easily. Anything over a thousand dollar he has zero skill, competence nor experience to complete the work. They also indicate that they do not use any third party applications/software (scam/lies/fraud/misrepresentation). They don’t have a competent, experience team to program or develop anything. So they rely purely on third party application or other companies (for supposevly custome development) and he will buy low quality scripts which you can find on the internet (for less then 100$) and try to tell you that the script he made from scratch.

List of alias/people/company to be extremelly cautious who is affiliated with Raman Katyal, Sudhanshu Mishra (AKA: RKPUTRA) and Vikramjeet Singla and the rest of his gang of incompetent/cheating/scamming posees.

Raman Katyal
Arun Katyal
Sudhanshu Mishra (from: magnom international)
Vikramjeet Singla



Here are a few IDs, website and Alias they are going by. They probably have much more and they also have multiple accounts on most freelance sites. So be very caustious and aware.

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