Tribeca Plastic Surgery / Malpractice by Sydney Coleman MD

New York, NY, United States

I have seen a posting that says the same person is complaining in all instances. Anyone may phone me at [protected], or send me a card -- S. Phillips, 150S 800E, E12, Salt Lake City UT 84102, to authenticate this posting. I saw Dr. Coleman in 2000 because I felt I'd look better if I had more fat in my cheeks. I was deformed after the surgery he performed. He agreed to perform a second operation to take some of the fat out, but even after that, I still looked deformed. And I could not open my right eye all of the way. Dr. Coleman refused to acknowledge this or do anything about it. I had to pay another surgeon to remove the fat Coleman had put in above my eyes. Dr. Coleman also refused to refund any of my money (I still have the receipts for over $20, 000). I was so ashamed of my appearance, I believe I disposed of all my photos (after hearing from several attorneys that I wouldn't have a case as NYC jurors are not sympathetic to those who obtain plastic surgery to "try to look perfect"). If I come across a picture that I did not throw out, I will gladly post it to this site.

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