TradersTFX / fraud company in looting public money

Mumabai, India
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Hi all,

First of all big applause for my self for getting into investment of fraud company.

Ofcourse the story is big which need to be narrated from may 11, 2017. After losing 17, 678 (Seventeen thousand six seventy eight) us dollars which is huge amount paid from credit cards of mine and relatives and friends and handloan and gold loan.
Again a applause for my foolishness.

I being a women wanna start a initiative to fight against this anyone who ever interested in joining my movement please mail me.
Want to show how a women empowerment will look like.

I have so many proofs, wanna know please mail me

My mobile number is : +91-[protected]

Tfx account number: [protected]

Shanbaaz, dighvijay singh, rajesh sharma, rajesh chopra, arman, asif khan are the people who handled account and I have there contact numbers.

After reading this you may call the company and ask them what is this, who have lodged complaint in this way.
Then traders tfx employees start saying we dont know anyone with such name, there is no account with that name, she only took wrong trade and lost. Clever part is eve after converting to pro account which is again a false rubbish account, they called me asked me to make or mark trades and which I did. Now after my account getting squared up they say I made/marked trdes and I lost.

Friends story is big and even if I write no one have time to go thorough. If you wanna join the movement please mail me. I will discuss more details.

Lastly if you want to invest, first visit the company then invest. Then the real story will start.


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    There is one more update, there is no company in UK an no company in CBD Belapur. Frauds are doing scam ..underground operation

  • Updated by Vani VictimOfTradersTfx, Aug 23, 2017

    Hello All
    who are in deep vain because u lost money from frauds one more update
    Today I called them and asked the t profit that I earned which was around $10, 000. They said as the account got squared up that also lost and went to market. And they said/asked me one question "when you know its fraud company why did u invest money."
    As a first step as everyone might have done I asked them address they said CBD Belapur and some building and floor blah blah. I thought ok, and even company has site I completed misleaded myself into this fraud. They frauds step by step itna lootey itna lootey, they made my life hell.Mera mind was not working when they said GST applicable for money deposit, I was a fool who paid 73 Rs for 1 $ inlcuding GST and forgot to ask GST Number.
    When you investing or already invsted then you ask the company name, then you will know kaun fraud,
    I can say they are 100 % fraud because they are not sharing correct address, and after lot of background work I came to know the correct address.
    Ab you guys tell if person has told these many lies then now who is fraud.
    Money they looted from cards...I nearly take 3 years to pay them and those [censor] loot liye in 3 months. Bleady [censor] [censor] The best [censor] of the company SHAHBAAJ, RAJEEV SARMA, RAJESH CHOPRA. if there is any such award like BLEADY [censor] that should be given to those [censor]

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    How we will know if a person is fraud r not?
    If we experience then only right.
    So tose frauds asked me why did u invest money when I know thay are frauds,
    After I got bad expereince, I came to know they are frauds.
    You may ask the question till u invested 20, 000 dolaars you did not know that they were fraud
    Yes it took long time for me to recognise, I dnt know such [censor] are there who will or can do any fraud.

    IF they are not fraud then why dint they sahre correct address
    IF there not fraud whay did they ask 73 rs for 1 $
    If they are nor fraud why they dont are not given the profit amount.
    I have many others reason to say they are COMPLETELY [censor] FRAUDS

  • Updated by Vani VictimOfTradersTfx, Sep 01, 2017

    This is in regards with the resolution of my complaint with Traderstfx and i am happy that they have resolved all my queries.

    With this I am taking back all my complaints that i have placed everywhere from all websites and forum.
    Further to this I agree that Traderstfx is not a fraud company but due to some misunderstanding and lack of communication I wrote such negative reviews. But i appreciate that company had taken the initiative and resolved the issue.

    Thank You Traderstfx for all the Support

Aug 22, 2017

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