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Hi every one i have invested 500 $ in the company called tradersway and after that i made some 800 $ profit in 2 days but when ever i was making profit these people were calling and telling me to hold the deals and theatening me that they will block my account but any ways god was with me i holded the deals and got 800 $ profit . then i thought this company is money making and they are practicing bad practise by not investing our money into market. They didnt even gave my profit and finally i requested to give back my 500$ back. So pathetic and cheating company. I request every to read this message seriously because i want to save other people by not investing into this company.

Trader's Way

Dec 21, 2014
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      11th of Nov, 2015

    I also had a very bad experience with them I lost money due to them chasing that the my stop losses moving them the market over I hope they go out of business

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      22nd of Jun, 2016

    This company closed our account without authorization, and keep from trading. Deceptive company. Please be careful, when dealing with them

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      19th of Jul, 2016

    Trader's Way has an excellent reputation in some of the forums I visit and are considered a solid broker to use. I have no account with them but I'm considering using them as a secondary backup and offshore broker because I want more leverage. Therefore, I'd be interested in knowing the truth and getting details.
    That said, let's address the complaints posted here so far because they mostly read like ignorant amateurs angry about their losses and a need to place blame somewhere without any logic or facts to back up the claims. This pisses me off because you could be telling the truth but no one can take you seriously and you allow a bad company to proceed or you are idiots besmirching a companies reputation. In either case, such stupidity ruins what this site is all about.

    In reference to Santhosh Rai's December 21nd complaint - I have no idea why you attached the document you did. It proves nothing. Further, your complaint makes very little sense. Can you provide email correspondences and screenshots of those trades? Very little detail. Please clarify and provide some proof.

    In reference to Indy500's November 11th complaint - you'll find "stop hunting" complaints all the time by ignorant amateur traders against the best brokerages out there so I give it no weight. It's usually bad traders places their stops in very bad locations. Whenever I place my stops in bad places (ie., right at support/resistance or just outside it), I get nailed too. That doesn't make a broker bad. Forex is volatile.

    In reference to standard's June 22nd complaint - A company has the authority to close your account at any time they desire. You need to provide more details about your complaint to give it any credibility. Maybe you traded a tiny account, were over-leveraged and your margin call was automated. This happens a lot to small traders. Provide more details because you provided no substance.

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      23rd of Aug, 2017

    Hi All,
    CFX Education is complete fraud they are doing scams by this account. I made payment of 13 Lakhs and lost it, they are frauds who are well trained in cheating
    I have complete information if anyone needs please mail me
    Earlier it was TradersWay now it is Traders TFX A COMPLETE SCAM. Need sue those who is making money without any effort
    Bleady [censor]

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      3rd of Apr, 2019

    I have started using their service recently but I'm afraid that I wont be able to take my money when I make a profit. I've heard stories of people who made 25, 0000 in two weeks by investing only $700 but the company will not let them take their profits out. What the f kind of company is this? I may change my broker if these stories are true.

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