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United States

Tried to save money and switched to tracfone, the very day I switched I could never send or receive text. Called tracfone more than once, they never could fix the problem. So they said it has to be my phone is bad. Even though I told them before switching I could text just fine. Any way they want me to send my phone in and they will send me another. That's crazy. Not only will I be without a phone i'll also be losing minutes. Today I tried my sons sim card in my phone and I can send text, so my phone is still good. Called tracfone n told them my phone works fine with a different sim, but they said they can't send me a sim and to send them the phone. [censor] won't even try to keep customers happy by doing the simplest thing. I told them i'm not sending my phone to them and i'll be switching to a different carrier. Oh and thanks tracfone for wasting my money on your crap service that won't work.

Oct 22, 2017

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