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[Resolved] Tracfone / rip off phone company

1 Norfolk, United States

I have been using Tracfones for a few years now, having switched from my old LG240G to my current LG800G phone, and I am bewildered by how this unbelievably bad company is still in business...
I mean, their phones are certified garbage that are so prone to glitches, and bugs it is not even funny, and their excuse for support, is atrocious.
HOW is this company even real??
STAY AWAY people, the money you save is NOT worth the frustrations, and unpredictable screw ups that come from this sweatshop superstar company.
My old phone, the LG240G, started to stay on when it wasn't in use, thus draining the charge down all day while in your pocket instead of shutting down after 10 seconds of dissuse to save power like it was made to do, so I traded, up I thought, to the LG800G, which had triple minutes instead of double minutes like the 240G, but also came with a bag of bugs, and mistakes that were relentless, and unpredictable...
Case in point, for the last 2 weeks, the phone has been turning itself off after not being used for more than an hour, even if it has full charge. This has been causing me to miss several important calls because they are all automatically sent directly to voicemail because the phone is off. For the record, you ARE deducted for calling, and listening to your voicemails, and I have done so MANY times, and know exactly how voicemail works. Now today, I get yet another voicemail, from my mother no less, and I try to delete it by pressing 7, but it won't work for some reason until I listen to the entire message all of a sudden. So I do, and at the end it says, to replay press 1, to delete press 7, so then I press 7 again, and I get, "That is not a valid entry"??
??WHAT IN THE WORLD?? Are you kidding me?? It even showed 7 on the screen, and there is ONLY one 7 key on the numpad, so how do I delete the voicemail??
So, I call Tracfone "Support", yeah right, but hey, I needed a laugh I guess, and after 20 minutes of menu options, I get a person on the phone who obviously knows nothing, and he wants to transfer me to a tutorial on how to use voicemail despite the fact that I thoroughly explained to him the problem. They absolutely REFUSE to take responsibility for any mistakes, and ALWAYS assume that you have messed up, and are doing it wrong...
WOW, I mean WOWOWOWOW, what a completely criminal organization, I say it again, STAY AWAY from Tracfone, the money you save is not worth being sucked into their little web of sweatshop superstar equipment, and absolutely appalling customer service!!

  • Resolution statement

    I finally just had to accept that this is a rip off, sweatshop mobile company, and there is nothing that can be done about it!!

May 27, 2015

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