TracFoneabuse of time and overcharging

Enjoy the use of my TracFone; however, dealing with the company is a totally different story!! After spending minutes short of one hour with a representative that I had a hard time understanding, I found out when I got an email showing the receipt from the airtime I had purchased, that I was charged double! Grrrrr! The representative kept asking me the same questions over and over and over and even though I got two text messages notifying me that my time period was about to expire and they (text messages) gave me a promo code to use to get an extra 20 minutes, somehow the promo code expired (even though I just got a text 2 days ago showing that particular code -- the rep said it had been used back in 2014. DUH! Sooo, long story short, not only did I not get the extra 20 minutes but was charged for 120 minutes (which I never asked for) instead of the 60 minutes I requested. This company needs to hire people that can be clearly understood and know how to use their computer system AND listen to what the customer is telling them. Seriously thinking of dumping TracFone as soon as my minutes are used up. Sure don't need this kind of harassment!!!

Feb 09, 2015

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