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This car dealer is run by a racist Son of the owner named Jereme Shoemaker. I complained to him about his black sales person named Vence who was rude and racist and more interested in getting into the pants of a female employee at time I was inquiring about a new car from him. He was more absorbed and interested in having a conversation with her then helping me with those questions. This Vence guy completely ignores and takes his sweet time answering my question about the car I was going to buy and shoots me a simple number which was quoted by this dealership employee on a higher model of the car I was interested in. He got off his chair to look at what I was wearing and then changed his attitude. When I reported this and complaint to Shoemaker who suppose to be the son of the owner to resolve this so it wont happened to any other customer. This irresponsible and discourteous Operations GM backed his rude and racist employee up. I told him if person can afford a down payment they sure can afford an attorney. He did not like that true comment and said "You can leave" and made another smart comment to his potential customer "I am glad you are not our customer" So imagine these low life attitudes of these low end personalities. Sue them I wish I had more reason to do so, I happened to be working for local law enforcement agencies. He thinks its funny, it wont be if it goes to court. Racist sales person and even more rude and unprofessional racist Owners son. Jereme Shoemaker. Sue me dude I want to take you to court, you are truly low end personality as far as my experience with you. Freedom of speech. I filed a detailed complaint with TOYOTA CORPORATE. if you guys have problem report it. Let them take their license away. Low end service to mock TOYOTA COMPANY PRODUCT. Such a shame.

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  • Fa
      Jun 04, 2018

    WOW... after reading the comment above, I am already anticipating a negative vibe from this man; Jeremy Shoemaker. I have called his office at Toyota of Irving, but he is out until next week (May 11, 2018) I will rate his customer service skills after talking to him.
    MC, purchased Toyota 7 months ago.

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