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Stinks. As a vendor, (the other side), The reason why ALL your orders are late is because they place the order AFTER they made the sale to us, and THAT's such a bad business model. This is the same thing with Zulily as well. I can't speak of other bargain discount sites, but Zulily and Totsy are similar, bad customer service, at least one month shipping wait because you have to wait for the products to arrive at from our warehouse to theirs, then they fulfill it. They don't even pay the vendors until 30 days after the order. Also, they charge back for everything we might have missed. This kind of business model really stinks and it's a lose/lose for everyone except for Totsy & Zulily that might have a fat wallet for a little bit, but it will catch on. That's what you get from a Bargain site. NO way around it, you get what you pay for: bad service, shoddy products, and bad customer service=headaches. I will never do business with them again as a vendor & customer.

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  • Ji
      27th of Oct, 2011 - This is a very unusual and unfortunate circumstance and we sincerely apologize
    United States

    I ordered some hello kitty shirts at the end of September. Was told the Ship date was October 13th. On October 12th I emailed them to see if they had shipped yet (I was told by a friend who orders from them that they OFTEN ship before the date specified)... I got a snarly reply that the ship date was tomorrow and they'd send me tracking numbers. Well, I thought I'd give it a few days.. I emailed them YESTERDAY, October 25th, asking if they had tracking numbers. I also noticed they UP'D the shipping date to October 8th... Now, I emailed them on the 12th, so why the snarly repsonse if they actually shipped on the 8th??? No response. I emailed them today, and I get back: " am so very sorry to say that your order ############ could not be fulfilled due to a vendor shortage. This is a very unusual and unfortunate circumstance and we sincerely apologize.

    We are so sorry for this inconvenience and have applied a $10.00 credit towards your account for this issue. Thank you for your understanding."... I'm not understanding. I paid more than 10 dollars, and if you can't fufill an order, WHY WASN'T I NOTIFIED????? WHERE'S MY REFUND????? STAY AWAY FROM THIS WEBSITE... RIP OFF!!!

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  • To
      29th of Oct, 2011

    Dear Jilayed,
    I am very sorry to hear about you not receiving your order. I just wanted to reassure you that you were not at all charged for that order. You can see on our FAQ page that:
    When you place your order with Totsy, we immediately reserve your funds from your account to ensure that the funds are available. We are not charging you yet, simply reserving the necessary funds. Totsy does not actually charge your account until your order ships.
    I apologize for any misunderstanding, but please rest assured that you were not charged and the $10 credit is just a small token to apologize for the inconvenience caused.
    Thanks for shopping with Totsy, hope you give us a second chance!
    All the best,
    Totsy Help

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  • Bo
      7th of Nov, 2011 - False Advertisement
    United States

    I ordered 2 items over a month ago. I received one of the items but, the other item has yet to arrive. I have emailed them 5 times and just got back to me telling me the item is no longer available. This is after they charged my credit card for the item and I paid shipping already. So they are going to credit my money back but that could take 10-15 business days. It is just upsetting when you buy something for your child and you can only purchase it for 4 days and you rush and buy it and you still dont get the product. I saw horrible reviews on this company all over the internet and decided to give them a chance boy I was wrong.

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  • As
      20th of Jan, 2012 - This site is a bunch of con artists
    United States

    This site is a bunch of con artists. We ordered 2 pairs of shoes on Nov 5th. We were charged for both, but on Dec 20th one pair arrived. We emailed the site to see what was going on. They didn't respond. We sent a 2nd email, they responded the next day said they'd give us a $5 credit and refund the shoes that were not sent because they didn't have them in stock. A little confused we decided to use the credit and try to get the 2nd pair through them. We still don't have our refund and lo and behold the 2nd pair we ordered is suddenly not in stock as well and that order was canceled. Luckily they didn't charge us for the 2nd order, yet we are still waiting for that 1st refund. The saga continues...

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  • Su
      11th of Oct, 2012

    I ordered a Halloween costume on Sept 10th with an estimated ship date of October 2nd. I called on October 11th as my order status was still pending. I was told that I would never receive my order; that their vendor wasn't calling them back so no costume. What a joke! They never contacted me to notify me and now I have to scramble to find a costume. They offered me no options, just a credit so that I could order some more stuff and maybe get it or maybe not. NEVER order from them!!!

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  • Ga
      12th of Oct, 2012 - NEVER order from them
    United States

    I ordered a Halloween costume on Sept 10th with an estimated ship date of October 2nd. I called on October 11th as my order status was still pending. I was told that I would never receive my order; that their vendor wasn't calling them back so no costume. What a joke! They never contacted me to notify me and now I have to scramble to find a costume. They offered me no options, just a credit so that I could order some more stuff and maybe get it or maybe not. NEVER order from them!!!

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  • Ch
      7th of Nov, 2012 - I am giving them one more week, and then going to the BBB
    United States

    I placed an order 2 weeks ago and then today. I have heard nothing about the one 2 weeks ago and today...while checking said my total was 5.50. After I hit submit they added a 7.95 shipping fee. WTF. You dont show one total and then charge more after I submit the order. Total SCAM. I have emailed them but "due to Sandy customer service is closed". I am giving them a week, and then going to the BBB. $7.95 shipping for 3 Yo Gabba Gabba books that cost under $2 each. SCAM! Stay away from Totsy!!

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  • Hi
      6th of Dec, 2012 - Terrible customer service, don't order from them
    United States

    Terrible customer service! I placed an order on October 25th. I actually forgot about my order until I was looking at more Melissa and Doug toys on their site on DECEMBER 1st and remembered I was already waiting on some puzzles. The estimated shipping date for my items was November 16th. I never received any communication regarding the delay. I emailed customer service. When I did not get any response (other than an automated receipt of my inquiry) I called 3 days later. I waited on hold for 15 minutes, and was then placed on hold for another 5 minutes so my snarky customer service rep who talked over me repeatedly could find out the problem. I happened to be home with my sick daughter, but otherwise do not have 20 minutes to wait on the phone! I was told one item was holding up my order but she could cancel that item and my other things would ship in "a few days". I asked if I would receive a shipping confirmation and a tracking number. She told me I could CALL BACK TOMORROW! Are you kidding?!?! Shouldn't Totsy be calling me at this point? She also told me my credit card would be charged once the items ship. I thought I already paid for the order, and after reading the other reviews from customers who experienced payment issues, I think they must have changed their policy. Regardless, it was an out! I hadn't paid for anything and would like nothing more than to never deal with Totsy again. I cancelled my order, (they made no attempt to remedy the situation with a refund or credit) and left a message for a manager who I will be very surprised to hear from. DO NOT ORDER FROM TOTSY!!!

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  • Lo
      4th of Jan, 2013 - Avoid this one at all costs
    United States

    Here is the letter I posted to them... In response instead of an I sorry or how can we make this better they told me social media was not the place for resolving customer service issues... Ummm the multiple reps I talked to were not able too so yeah it is or at least to warn other customer about the company. (and no I did not get the order yet it is 1/2/2017)

    I have just completed the most disappointing web transaction so far. I have on occasion ordered from Totsy and the sales model does tend to lead to very slow shipment cycles. On December 3rd I got an email for the site promoting a group of items and "get it by Christmas" so I made a large order. Now usually I would not have put all of my Christmas "eggs" in one basket but it was guaranteed Christmas delivery and it was only Decmeber 3rd my estimated delivery date was Dec 17th so all was safe right???? Ummm not so much.

    When December 18th and passed with no package or email about a delay I contacted Totsy and my journey through web retail hell began.

    Day one 9am

    So I called the customer service line and waited half an hour or so in an ominously silent hold zone broken only every 5 minutes or so by an all reps are busy message. Unfortunately you never are quite sure if you are on hold or have been disconnected. Finally a very nice customer service rep came on who really seemed to care she was looking into my order when the ominous silent hold zone dropped and I was disconnected from the only person at Totsy that seemed to care about a little girls empty Christmas tree. She did call back unfortunately I had to run to a meeting so I missed the call.

    Day one 2pm

    I finally had an open timeslot so I called back. I got the same fabulously caring rep who was so apologetic of the situation and really seemed to be trying to fix it. She told me that my items were being inventoried and that they would be shipped expedited UPS so they would arrive in time for Christmas. I was so happy and I thought hey maybe someone other than really can actually successfully run fulfillment. She said to call back the next morning to confirm that everything had been shipped, and if for some reason it had not been shipped I could cancel my order so I would not be charged.

    Day two 9am

    I called back but had to leave the ominous hold zone after 45 minutes to run to a meeting.

    Day two 12pm

    I called back and waded through the ominous hold zone and finally got a rep. Not the kind caring rep from day one but a very angry bitter woman who said my items had shipped but she could not tell me how, or a tracking number or an expected arrival date. Since they had shipped there was no way I could cancel or get a refund. When I asked to speak to a manager she said the manger was not in. (I will not go into what kind of sales company does not have a CS manager, supervisor or lead in during the busiest shipping time of the year.) I ask to speak to the rep I had spoken to on day one and I am told she is on another call but there is nothing she can do either. When I ask well what can I do she said I can call back tomorrow (day 3) and someone will be able to help me then. I ask what can I do if my items do not arrive by Christmas as promised she said I could refuse the shipment and when they get the items back I can request a refund. When I ask again to speak to the rep from day one she sighs and sends me back into the ominous hold zone again. Then when she comes back on she says my tracking info will be available at 4:30pm so the log on to the site then.

    Day two afternoon

    I turn to Facebook in hopes of getting some help. A Totsy social media person responds and promises a rep will contact me... NOTHING. Send an email to CS in hopes maybe that group will be more helpful that the phone rep from today. NOTHING...

    Day two 5pm

    4:30 comes and goes with not tracking information.

    Day Three 9am

    Still no tracking information or contact from Totsy as promised by the Social Media rep. So I journey back to the ominous hold zone (only 15 minutes today so better!) Todays rep tells me that there was a mistake in the warehouse and my order was sent USPS not expedited UPS so it will not be here in time for Christmas.

    Please help make this right. My 14 month old has just learned about presents she loves opening them and everyone else will have presents under the tree. Please you have the items in stock you can send them next day Saturday delivery and they will make it in time for Christmas. Don't let a little girl be the only one without her toys under the tree and with only an orange in her stocking. There is no time left to shop for Christmas, I trusted your company for 3 days after I should have just given up and gone shopping on my own. Please don't let this little girl down.

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