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Hello, I would like to know what the reporting policy is for Tophatter. I only ask because there are a great deal of sellers on this website selling obviously fake seeds. Blue roses don't exist. Black roses don't exist. Rainbow roses don't exist. Sure if you take a fully grown rose and slice the stem and leave it in dye you can make them but you can't grow them from a seed. Not to mention all the "rare orchid" seeds being sold. Orchid seeds are the size of dust particles and you need special lab equipment to germinate them. Not to mention their descriptions saying to soak seeds before planting them- they are the size of dust so these sellers don't even know what they are talking about and because the customer doesn't know they trust these fake seed sellers. You need to go to an orchid society and apply to get genuine orchid pods. So what these sellers are selling the Tophatter customers is fake and someone should be regulating this. I used to think these seeds were real myself until I researched it and found out I was wrong. Now that I sell my own seeds on Tophatter I don't want customers to confuse me with the sellers selling these fake seeds. If you search Tophatter for Orchid seeds, Blue rose seeds, black rose seeds, rainbow rose seeds, then you will see what I mean. All Orchid seeds are the smallest seed in the world so even counting them without special lab equipment, let alone shipping them would be virtually impossible. I have attached screen shots of some but there are 30+ sellers of these fake seeds. Perhaps have the fake orchid/rose sellers refund all the money they made as a good lesson because doing this to your customers is not good business.


May 04, 2017
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      Apr 10, 2018

    Seeds coming from China: The seeds sent do not match images for particular seeds purchased. This is a bunch of bologna. I hope you are able to separate yourself from other sellers. I purchased 3 different sets of seeds and none of them look right. :(

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