Tommy Hilfigerrudeness of cashier and manager

I went shopping for Black Friday at the Hilfiger outlet of Clarksburg in Maryland, USA and the manager and sale associate humiliate me in front of my whole family and refused to complete my sale. I had items worth at least $200 and while the associate was ringing my stuffs, the manager and another associate came and stood in from t of her and started chating for a whole minute, when I ask them if they finish with my sale as my son was getting cranky, the manager told me to get out and stated they are busy today so they don't care if one customer leaves. When I asked him his name so I can complaint, he refused to provide it and calll the security on us. The security took us to the guest service to file a formal complaint. This is not the first time I saw hilfiger associates treat customers like this. I have been a loyal customer but I cannot accept being humiliated by people who benefit from my money. I am done with Hilfiger.

Nov 23, 2018

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