Toktumi / Line2 / Wrongful termination of account

I kept getting emails to get a new credit card on file within my account. It was or had expired. I wanted Toktumi to not auto renew my account like every other company tries to do. Therefore I thought my only option was to cancel the account, meaning at the END of the term. I PREPAID and still had about four more months. I figured at that time I could decide if I would like to renew it...on my terms, with an informed decision...NOT automatically. Instead the support team cancelled my account that day and I said wait, no, and they said nope, it's cancelled today and if you want it back on you need to pay again. I do not get the four months with my number that I had ALREADY PAID FOR. I told them I don't want a refund or a credit, I just want what I already paid for and have option to renew later without the constant barrage of emails asking for a new credit card. They said, 'it's a done deal". They can't help. I think it's shady and slimy. I don't need that kind of business relationship. Good luck with that I told the support guy.

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