TOEFL IBT / Incompetence and Racism

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This is a copy of my last Email, hope someone read it.

First of all I want to start saying that I feel insulted and abused by this company and his employees, I do not know who is the owner of this company but I think that you guys are the best example of racism and incompetence in the same package.
You guys stole my money a couple weeks ago based on the best excuse ever that it always works anywhere: "Sorry but those are the rules. If you did not put your second surname on the registration form you cannot take the test". Then the employees in the same test center (Washington D.C) almost kicked me out and treated me like I was a terrorist and a liar, simply because I forgot to put my second surname on the registration form. Wow, it was 8 am and I was having an excellent day already.
I called the TOEFL phone number and oh surprise, a lady with a worse accent than me told me with no manners at all, that there was nothing she can do "Those are the rules" she said.
I went home at 9 am, knowing that I gave you 200 dollars in exchange for a bad treatment and abuse, and also knowing that you guys have the monopoly of the English certification for people like me, and there was not other option but paying again, so I opened my laptop ready to correct my ridiculous mistake and try to find another day available to take the test, but oh surprise! I am not allow to change my personal information, I have to contact the customer service and explain everything again, so I did it, I called it the first time, but the lady on the phone believed that she was not allow to do this complicated task "I am sorry sir, but you have to contact another representative and explain your situation" so I did it and guess what was the answer "Well, you are going to have to send us prove that you are telling the truth, send us a copy of your passport, copy of your license, and your green card as well, that is going to take us two business days to analyze it and change it".

I have been waiting more than eight days to see those changes. I imagine that going into the TOEFL web page and add a last name is a complex and a delicate task to do, and has to be analyzed by the CIA and the FBI perhaps.

Your company is supposed to help professional emigrants to keep going in their careers, not to be an obstacle and take advantage of the language disabilities of us, I believe you think that because we are not fluent in English you can treat us like cows and do as you pleased, but let me tell you that I am not a cow, I am a person like you, trying to make my dreams come true and have a descent job like the one you have right now.

I hope someone with some respect for emigrants like me reads this, because it is amazing the incompetence and racism that I have seen so far. If it was not because the Law school that I want to apply for requires this certification, I would not doubt to go to another company, but there it is the TOEFL monopoly of the English test, acting and showing that they have the power and nobody can do anything to stop their injustices.

Hope you guys have a good day in the office playing with your fancy cellphones, or watching the news feed on Facebook, because if you guys need more than 8 days to add 6 words on a profile, I am sure that is pretty much what you do during your office hours.

BTW: I am sending a copy of this to the Modern Language Association and the National Consumer Complaint Board.

Sep 01, 2014

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