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They charged me $149.99 and, after researching it for quite some time, I found out it charged on the same day they charged my new Snuggie. Apparently, Snuggie and some other companies are scamming people by using a Fine Print scam. On the back it says something about the rebate and it would charge $150. I called Great Fun and got on the phone with someone named Bill. This "Bill" said that they would refund me within 10-15 business days. 15 days later, I get charged $11 by the same company I called them again and got someone named "Isaac." I started giving them the riot act and reported fraud. Snuggie and other companies are doing this. Don't buy from infomercials. Apparently, they do it to pay for the cost of the second free thing they gave you. A few days later, I went to WallGreens and saw a Snuggie for $15 and I bought mine from the infomercial for $27. The infomercial said it was the cheapest you could buy. Moral of this story, DO NOT BUY FROM INFOMERCIALS! IT'S BEEN LIKE 3 MONTHS AND I HAVEN'T GOTTEN BACK MY REFUND.

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      Mar 25, 2010

    I bank with CitiBank and a couple of weeks ago, I went to the bank to deposit more money into my checking and asked to have my 'Mens Fitness' Magazine subscription cancelled. I knew that the magazine automatically took out money for the subscription and I wanted the teller to put a 'stop payment' on that transaction. God bless that teller because after her close perusal of my account, she informed me that my checking account was hemorrhaging $12.99 every month. I was floored for two reasons: 1) because I was an idiot for NEVER REALLY LOOKING AT MY STATEMENTS - SHAME ON ME and 2) No magazine is worth $12.99 per month and to this day cannot ever recalling ever agreeing to that.

    Having said that, my mind could only rationalize the situation by thinking this TLG GREAT FUN scam must have happened when I ordered something online or on the phone or maybe the magazine too! All these companies have a Parent Company who have a Parent Company who have a Parent Company and before you know it, you don't even know to whom your money is going to anymore.

    Needless to say, I asked the very nice teller to put a 'Stop Payment' on those automatic transactions. God bless her heart because she tried three times and her computer would NOT let her do it. The computer did list an 800 number which she gave me and told me that I would have to call TLG GREAT FUN and cancel myself. So, I went home, called the number, spoke to some girl who's English was quite unintelligable and after a half hour, cancelled my account with TLG GREAT FUN! I asked for my 'Member Number' which she gave me and she did give me a 'Cancellation Confirmation Number' too. And yes, I've kept them just in case.

    Lastly, I want to bring this to everyone's attention. I went back through my Checking Statements for the previous year and found all of the monthly charges from TLG GREAT FUN. The surprising thing is that when my balance had dropped to $5 and some change, which stayed there for like three months because I like to carry cash at home, TLG didn't automatically withdraw from my account nor did they cancel my subscription. My Checking Account is NOT set up to draw from my Savings in case I accidentally overdraft. I feel that they didn't charge me because then Citibank would've called or written to inform me that I had overdrafted which would have alerted me to them. Look out people - TLG GREAT FUN is very sneaky & clever.

    What is the lesson in all of this?? READ YOUR STATEMENTS AND KNOW WHERE YOUR MONEY IS GOING!!

    I receive my next statement within the next couple of weeks. Know that I will look it over with a hawk's eye to see if I'm still being charged or not. If I am, then I will be forced to close out my Checking Account and open a new one.

    Good Luck to everyone out there who's been screwed by TLG GREAT FUN. I hope my experience helps someone out there who reads my story.

    God Bless.

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