TJX / T.J. Maxx / cashier was very unpleasant

Re Mar 02, 2016 Bronx, NY Review updated:

After waiting in line for 30 minutes (two cashiers), I was finally able to reach the register after a third cashier was able to call me up. The cashier (unable to see her name tag because it was backwards), advised me to move my things from her machine. I advised the cashier to I was only removing the items from the doggie basket I was purchasing to make it easier for her to ring each item. She repeated her request as if I was not moving fast enough. I explained I didn't like how she was speaking to me and she was being un professional. She ignored me and began humming to her self. My last item, the doggie basket, had no tag. She stated I would have to wait. Her supervisor overheard and told the cashier to suspend my transaction and have me wait to the side for a price. The cashier mailed and said" Step to the side please". Out of frustration I left the items on the counter.

As a consumer, I don't feel I should have to accept such behavior from an employee. As a TJmaxx card member I am even more appalled at how I was treated. I have lost confidence in the TJMaxx experience. The cashier did not demonstrate remorse, empathy or any consideration for the length of time I spent waiting in line only to wait again for a price. I was not even given the courtesy to wait while the check. My transaction was completely suspended and disregarded.

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  •   May 16, 2016

    How hard is it to just dump the basket on the belt so she can ring up your items? You are not the only customer she has waiting. It was not rude to ask you to empty the basket. I am so glad I do not work retail. I see enough people like you just out shopping.

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