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TigerDirect.Com / refused to give me a refund

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Contacted tiger direct and they refused to give me a refund on product they sold. They told me the salesman who pushed me into buying it got a commission for the item, which i did not need or want,and so could not take the item back. I software is still in original unopened condition but because of the commission being paid for the sale they can not take it back. Nice company to do business with work with (not!!). They badgered me into buying the software and when i realized i didn't need it wouldn't take it back.

Buyer beware.

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  • Ex
      14th of Nov, 2007
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    Jason, when you call, ask to speak to a supervisor. If the agents refuse or you get hung up, which it happens, try again or e mail Carl Fiorentino explaining what happened, especially the agent refusing or hang up if it does happen. Make sure you put the dates, times and phone numbers you called from. they can track down the agent that way. I used to work for them and hate them. I'm going to paste what I wrote on another site here.

    I quit Tiger about 5 or 6 months ago. I was with them a horrifying 5 years, way to long. One of the biggest reasons I left is due to how they did scam, misguide, lie and put customers identities at risk. I just couldn’t take it anymore and left. Here are a few things they totally do badly. If you place an order over the phone and find you received extra product where the price ending is odd, like the cent value ends in .81, .75, .50, .25, etc, those were added by the agent without your permission, as they get paid a high commission on those. Their network is constantly having problems on a daily basis and information gets lost. The warehouse sends out returned items you purchased new if they don’t have it in stock. Lot of customers would call in claiming they received items with RA numbers on them and opened. They will replace parts of your order without alerting you first in order to fill the order. Then good luck in trying to return the item without any headaches. Now for the more serious and illegal practices performs. Your credit card is always on file, your entire collection of credit cards you ever used with them is in file and every agent you speak to can see it in his screen. They do tell the agents to never tell the customers that Tigerdirect keeps credit cards on file, because it’s illegal they told us. They have had instances where metro dade police would be called to arrest agents for credit card fraud on the corporate office call center in Miami, Florida. Those agents would charge customers cards fraudulently since they keep card numbers on file for all agents to have access to. Many agents would get upset at customers on the phone for taking the agents time and not purchasing and if the customers account is on the screen, the agent will run authorizations on the customers cards many times as if to teach the customer a lesson. And although a lot of customers don’t understand this next point and get upset at agents like myself for trying to protect them, package tracking numbers. It is posted on Tigerdirect.coms website, tracking numbers are only sent to the customers e mail that is on the account at the time of purchase. Some customers wanted to change the e mail on the phone to get it, still without understanding. Many customers would call in because their packages did not get to them and were delivered elsewhere. That’s the reason why tracking numbers are not supposed to be given out on the phone or to newly changed e mail addresses on the accounts. You would not believe how many customers have lost their packages and money because of this fraud act. Since Tigerdirect doesn’t care and reprimands employees who follow the rule, the customer looses. Management made it clear for agents not to give the customer a hard time and give the tracking number over the phone. What happens with this now is that anyone with your name, phone number, e mail address knowledge, physical address information can call in and get your tracking information, call UPS, FedEx, etc and re-route the packages. Tigerdirect is owned by the Fiorentino brothers, 3 of them and from what I heard in the call center, they are attorneys. They know all the loop rounds everything. was Tigerdirect, they were in the same call center and recruited a few of my friends. They told me just how crooked they were. They told me they would come in one day and management would tell them, ” Ok guys, this week we approve all rebates” and the next week manages would say, ” Alright everyone, this week we decline all rebates”. This applied to wrongfully filled and properly filled rebates. They got so much heat from that mis practice, they shut down and had another rebate office do them. The first year I was there, one of the owners made a huge mistake of having a meeting with everyone in the call center. He spoke about how badly was getting hammered from bad reviews and comments on review sites. So he told us he was assembling a crew from the call center to post positive reviews and comments on every review site to drown out the negative reviews. Till this day, they have people posting everywhere to counter the negative feed they are getting. This are just of the top problems with that I just couldn’t deal with anymore. I was such a good employee and person when I started there and in 5 years it turned me into such a depressed, mean and angered guy. I’m 42 years old, been working since I was 12 years of age and never, ever, ever in any job have I ever been written up, suspended, reprimanded, etc. At I’ve had 5 suspensions, about a dozen write ups, reprimands up the wazoo. All for following my training, doing the right thing, following the rules. They wouldn’t fire me because I fought them through HR with the rules. So they figured that I’d eventually get tired of suspensions, write ups, etc and just leave. Well, I’m tough and lasted 3 years of crap from them. Since I left them, I’m back to being myself. I’m happy with a constant smile on my face as I used to have. It’s such a huge load of my back since I left them, feels great to be the happy go lucky guy I am. I just feel bad for the customers that have been fraudulently hurt or will be soon.

  • Ge
      9th of Jan, 2008
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    I have been deployed in Afghanistan supporting Operation Freedom as a civilian engineer for the past three years. In Nov 07 I ordered a laptop computer and some upgrade items at a cost of just over $1,700.00 which of course I paid on line prior to shipping. My order did not arrive and no one has even bothered to respond to my telephone and/or email complaints. Do you have any advise regarding how I should proceed with these people to get a refund?

    Thanks and have a great day,


  • Ne
      3rd of Jan, 2013
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