Tiger Directbad customer service

Good Evening, I have been trying to get my refund from tiger direct for over 2 weeks now and my efforts have failed. I received my product poorly packaged and damaged. I called Tiger direct and they sent me a UPS tag to return the item. My ups confirmation logs that the item was received June 12th at 4:08 am. I have called tiger direct several times to check the status of my refund. First I was told that I would receive a check. I called back a week later and said that the check was voided, and that I would be receiving my refund via PayPal. Tonight (16 days later) I call asking where my money was, and was told that the refund has not been processed yet, that no one has contacted PayPal. I have talked several agents and every time I get the run around. I have asked to speak to management or have someone in management call me back to resolve this issue and was told by the last agent I spoke to that I could not speak to management and having someone call me back could not be guaranteed. In previous calls to their customer service line, after trying to resolve this issue without incident. I again, asked to speak to management and the agent said he would transfer me then hung up on me. I have worked in customer service for many years, over the phone and in retail management. Never in my life would I treat any of my customers the way in which I have been treated. I have been very pleasant to each and every person at tiger Direct and it has got me no where. I don't know how this business can stay afloat with their level of customer service. BUYER BEWARE. I'm sure they sell great products but their employees need an overhaul. I am starting to feel scammed.


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