Ticketbis / the whole organisation

Date of the incident : 19/11/17
Client Number : 398X8I7E4P60
Full description of the incident :

I am from London and I bought 2 tickets via TicketBis (10days before the event) to attend the last weekend match Liverpool - Southampton. I received these tickets in my delivery address (London) at 11am on Satursday 18th (the match was at 3pm) while I was already on the train going to Liverpool... SPOT THE MISTAKE ...

Once in Liverpool, I contacted Liverool FC in order to know if it would be possible for me to access the stadium with the picture/pdf of the tickets. I told them about ticketbis and answered that it was not possible as ticket from ticketbis are illegal for premier league matches ... SPOT THE OTHER MISTAKE ...

I won't say anything else as it should be more than enough to see that TicketBis is there just to scam people...

Desirable resolution : Make the company close and get a refund

Nov 19, 2017

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