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Thyme and Sage Ranch Jennifer Petkus


Rescue or Broker?

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Contact information:
Thyme and Sage Ranch
28098 Co Hwy CC
Cazenovia, Wisconsin
United States
Phone: 608-604-5858
This is the auction I attended in September. I don't know what the answer is, but I do know that for the 100+ dogs that made it into rescue there is hope. The person with the "filthy" shelter is Jennifer Petkus from Thyme and Sage Ranch. I kind of got a kick out of her telling the reporter to stop filming. I happened to be standing outside when that altercation took place and it did get a little ugly.

THIS IS the link for the Fox News piece on the Horst Dog auction in Thorp Wi.

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N  4th of Dec, 2008 by    0 Votes
PLEASE report stuff like this to the Better Business Bureau so others can avoid suporting bad businesses!
N  4th of Dec, 2008 by    0 Votes

See my name is posted-notice yours is not. I was with Jennifer at that auction and your set-up backfired. She took 5 dogs and sat back watching other rescues bid as high as $800 on a dog? Who is calling the kettle back. Have you ever been to her facility-there is nothing filthy about it. She was cornered while loading the 5 dogs she saved by your nonesense and lies. Thus, no comment as she has nothing to defend as many of you rant and raved like people w/ serious mental challenges. Some rescue groups were so embarrassed by your actions, they called Jennifer to apologize the next day. I understand that people post on here, as they get upset if something happens to their dog or puppy-these are rescues. She is not a breeder or broker...however, her adoptions and goodness is being spread through word of mouth by people that actually come out and that reputation prevails all the lies. I must say, since April, 457 dogs have been adopted, so a hand full of complaints and nonsense is part of the business. As long as it makes the poster feel better. We will have to see the outcome of the atty who is sueing Craiglist for the postings they allowed. I would be very careful by what one posts as fact vs opinion...as that is most likely why no real names are being posted? Right Dog lover-puppy lver2 etc. Hide away w/ you jealousy and nonesense of what she has accomplished that you wish you could...I am a firm believer that what comes around, goes around. Last week 42 adoptions-mostly adults-but you do not focus on that. Why is it ok for your rescue and or others to goto dog auction and pay big $$$$ that the Amish laugh all the way to the bank about, or make a dent and relation the way she has. Please think about it and put your support and focus back into what you are striving to accomplish, because it must be failing as so much energy spread elsewhere.
N  4th of Jan, 2009 by    0 Votes
I was considering adopting a puppy from Thyme and Sage Ranch but after reading the "beware" posts, I was concerned. Being a very experienced internet user and knowing that some people's compliment and complaint posts are less than genuine, we decided to drive down to the Ranch to see for ourselves. I think the first thing people who consider adopting a animal that was rescued from a puppy mill is that these are not premium health animals. There is a reason the mill was shut down and the animals were rescued...because the conditions were awful. Upon our arrival, we found our way into the house where the puppies are romping about. This is not a residential house but rather a house just to show the puppies to prospective adopting families. There is another kennel on-site and the adult dogs are kept in there but the "puppy house" is where the action is. When you first come in, Jennifer welcomes you and tells you a little about the different puppies and will help steer you to the right area to find what you might be looking for. There are 20 or so puppies in the house that are not housebroken so there is a urine smell. Jennifer and her volunteers try to keep up with all accidents but the puppies do walk through the pee and get it on their feet. As such, the puppies will smell a bit. And Jennifer makes it clear that these puppies have not been to a vet, she and her volunteers give the puppies their first shots and do their best to adopt out only animals that are healthy enough to be adopted. She tells everyone that their first step is to get a vet appt. She also tells people that if the vet finds anything wrong that is serious, you can get a full refund or exchange. I've adopted 7 rescued animals before and there are no guarantees that you have an animal in perfect health. Bottom line is that if you can't afford or don't want vet bills, you really shouldn't own any pets...they go hand-in-hand. Anyway, after about an hour playing with 6 or so different puppies, we settled on a very shy Lhasa-poo male. I suspect he has some kennel cough and needs a good vet check, something we have scheduled for tomorrow. I hope he is well but as I think I've made clear, I cannot be certain. I could never expect Jennifer or her volunteers to be certain. She rescues so many animals that there is no way she could afford to have a vet staff, not ideal for certain but what is the worse? Do you let the mills continue to treat animals the way they do or do you dedicate your life to rescue and do the best you can. There is no inhumane treatment at the Ranch. Sure, I'd like a pet store setting and my puppy to be vet checked prior to adoption, but think of that expense. Many pet stores buy from mills, either knowingly or not so is that a good option? There is a ton of info on the internet about adopting a rescued animal, it is not for everyone and it is your responsibility to go in armed with knowledge. Here is the best analogy I can think of: would you buy a car, 1000 miles away, without having seen the vehicle on eBay? This works for some people, and doesn't for many others. There are responsible breeders out there and if you are uneasy about adopting a rescued dog, then find one of those. You may very well still have a puppy with a medical condition that you are responsible to treat.

Bottom line: Jennifer has a personal conviction to shut down puppy mills. To do this, she needs to adopt out as many rescued animals as possible. If you consider adopting one of these animals, do your homework and know exactly what you are doing. Know your responsibilities and consider giving Jennifer and the Ranch volunteers a break. They really are trying hard and I bet none of us volunteer more hours towards our favorite charity or cause. I'll keep you updated on my puppy’s health.
N  26th of Feb, 2009 by    0 Votes
I think the Bottom Line should be that all rescues take the time and money to have their dogs vaccinated and altered before placing them in a home. And if the rescue doesnt have money to take care of this, they certainly shouldt be buying animals from auctions.
N  26th of May, 2009 by    0 Votes
Ahem: May 21 Wisconsin State Journal headline reads: "Jennifer Petkus, owner and founder of the animal shelter where more than 300 dogs were seized, was charged with 11 misdemeanor animal cruelty charges in Richland County Circuit Court on Wednesday. According to a criminal complaint, Dr. Lisa Kerwin-Lucchi, a veterinarian with the Dane County Humane Society, used a hidden camera and temperature probe to record conditions at Thyme and Sage Ranch in rural Cazenovia in March. At that time, she found dogs without access to food and unfrozen water, dogs with severely matted fur and inadequate bedding for unheated buildings, in addition to other injuries and poor conditions."

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