The Westminster Collection / limited edition ian lavender signed dad's army stamps

The worst customer service I ever received! Ordered the Ian Lavender signed Dad's Army stamps for my Dad's birthday. The order went through without an issue and I waited in anticipation for the delivery, a little after my Dad's birthday but that couldn't be helped. on the day of release, I received an email saying "Unfortunately, we do not currently have this item in stock!" I telephoned customer service and was told this is common as they are often over subscribed, when I asked why the computer ordering didn't just allocate what they had for sale, they didn't know why but sometimes people return them and I was quite high on the list waiting for a return! I'd told my Dad on his birthday it was ordered and coming but now had to tell him I had no idea if it was coming or not, we were disappointed. on the 27th July, I received an email saying it had been dispatched and was on it's way! I phoned my Dad and he was over the moon, however, this morning another email saying "We are pleased to confirm safe receipt of the above item. Your return will be shown on your statement from tomorrow morning!" I phoned again and after a ten minute wait for a customer services adviser to answer am none the wiser to what is going on. They guy on the end of the phone had no idea how the business worked, how orders were allocated but would look into it and phone me back on Wednesday between 5-6! I said I wanted an answer by close of play today, but he couldn't do that as he wasn't allowed to make outgoing calls until Wednesday! It's the 21st century and this is how customer service departments work! I'm fed up with how I've been treated and how abysmal The Westminster Collection's processes and service levels have been. I will be reporting them to Trading Standards this afternoon and posting this on every review site and social media site I can find. I will NEVER use your services again, that's for sure! For the record, my account number is DA39962, if you want to see for yourself how bad my experience has been.

Jul 30, 2018

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