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I went to this store yesterday at 2:10 PM to have something printed. There were two employees there at the time. I needed two copies of a photo I emailed to the store. (Please excuse the race reference but I have no other way of identifying the person who I had a problem with.) The employee who was white unsuccessfully tried to get my photo to print but was unable to. While I waited for at least 25 minutes, the only information I could get was that another employee had to come help her with the problem. She didn't say how long this might take. She was helping other customers and I did not want to interrupt too often.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Metairie, LAFinally, after close to half an hour, I asked if I could just get a refund for the two copies I had already paid for and she said she couldn't issue a refund until another employee came. I left.
I understand that things can go wrong and wouldn't have even had a problem with waiting so long if she had either volunteered some information during that time or had at least been a bit apologetic when I had been there for so long and couldn't even get a refund. I will travel further to another UPS store but never go to this store again.
I just wanted to let you know in case you also feel an employee should apologize if a customer has been kept waiting so long regardless of whether it was her fault or not.

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Jul 18, 2018

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