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The UPS Store / fraud and scam

1 1981 Memorial DriveChicopee, MA, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 413-539-9112

On 1/20/09 I had items shipped from the UPS store. The arrival date was to be 1/22/09. On 1/21/09 I learned that the person I was sending the items to was no longer at that address. I called the UPS Store and asked them if it would be possible to stop the delivery, in light of this new info. They assured me it would be no problem. All set. They made the delivery anyway, and left the items at the door. They were stolen. Now, I had these items insured, in the event that something was to go wrong. When I asked to be reimbursed for my losses, all I received was very snotty attitudes. The owner of the store also called me and talked to me as if I were an imbecile. I was not happy. She said because of MY attitude, she wasn't going to 'help me, ' but that she normally does help people in my situation. I find that rather hard to believe. Now I am screwed out of my stuff that was valued at over $100, and insured for $100. Don't trust the UPS Store! They are thieves. I'll go with the Post office from now on. They are much more responsible, trustworthy AND they're much cheaper!~

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  • Ge
      18th of Sep, 2009
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    That would be UPS missing a package intercept. You sound like an idiot. It has nothing to do with the ups store. Maybe Wikipedia UPS store and UPS. .. At least before you write something stupid on the internet. Its already dumb enough, society doesn't need your banter or your unnecessary capitalizations of words. I bet I know who you voted for

  • Co
      28th of Sep, 2009
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    I have had bad service from the UPS store as well. Apparentely, Geraldo works for UPS.

  • Il
      8th of Jun, 2010
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    On Tuesday May 25 2010, I sent 2 pieces of electronics out to california for repair.The girl behind the counter at the UPS store, said it would cost $40 to make a custom box and ship it out. I said fine not a problem.

    On Tuesday June 8 2010, the UPS truck dropped a box with the expected repaired electronics. To my surprise there was just one peice in the box!!!

    I called the electronics repair store in california and they told that they dont manufactor the missing piece of electronics and that they may have shipped back, they would look into it, to locate the missing piece and they would call me back.

    So i decided to call the UPS store to make sure that indeed they sent both pieces out, the girl who answered the phone could not resolve my issue and she turned me over to the manager, another girl, and as soon as she got on the phone she blurded out " sir we have you unit here, since June 3, and we are holding it for you and ther would be $5 storage fee per day, but i can wave it for you and just charge only$5"!! Im like WT[censored]

    I SAID: "why didnt you call me!!! why did you hold the box for 5 days and never bother to call me!!!

    SHE REPLIED: "sir we dint have you information, we dint have your phone number and we were too busy to investigate, the electronics repair store sent the unit back with just only your name its not our fault"

    I SAID: "you took all my information including my phone number when you shipped it out and now your telling you dont have my information, you charged me $40 and still want to charge me for a holding fee without me knowing the box was there all this time!!!, how was i supposed to know the unit was there!!!"

    She refused to remove the holding fee, even if its $5, so i got pissed hanged up and called UPS Store customer service and in a matter of 15-20 minutes she they resolved the issue.

    So whats my issue!!! CUSTOMER SERVICE !!! Thats what my issue is!!! CUSTOMER SERVICE !!!

    I know its not their fault for the electronics store sending the unit back to them but to hold the fricking box for 5 days to rack up storage fees and then tell me we're just gonna charge you $5, NO F-ING WAY BIOTCH!!! NO F-ING WAY not even a penny!!!

    You just lost a customer, not only the UPS Store also UPS, hope you go out of business, FEDEX/USPO, you are going to gain a customer.

    P.S. Those brown trucks are always on the left lane when clearly the penndot signs say "NO trucks on left Lane", you brown S***T lookinfg MoFos...

  • Jo
      4th of Dec, 2010
    0 Votes

    the ups trucks are commercial vans and they are allowed in the left lane because they are a van...wake up!!! and i dont think your argument is with should be with the electronics repair shop. it was their responsibility to track the shipment. you should have also received a tracking number from them since they shipped with ups. you could have tracked it with a tracking number. ups actually did you a favor charging you only $5 as a taking-up-space fee. take some personal responsibility next time and ask the electronics company for a tracking number...thats only common sense i guess...but your looking to blame someone else for you not taking responsibility...common sense...use it!!!

  • Up
      19th of Jan, 2012
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    Yea man it's your fault, UPS isn't gonna babysit you, they got billions of packages.

  • Il
      20th of Jan, 2012
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    mainly my argument is with the UPS store not the UPS Co., which according to the UPS Co. customer service, are not related to UPS co. at all!!!
    but, I cant believe they let them use their logo!!!

    The UPS store are a bunch of @ss wipes, they failed miserably at customer service and it was their responsibility to contact the customer for changes to the status and shipping status of your material!!! They had the all my info and yet they let the package sit for 5 days so they can collect fees!! PHUK U!!! why dint you call me since the package was returned to you!! aren't I your customer and responsibility??
    what the PHUK is wrong with you!!! wake up!!

    what is your purpose, to take my package and money and that's the end!!! you are not responsible for what ever happens!!
    You are responsible for the customer form A to Z!! wake up!!! @ss wipes!!!

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