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I have booked a hotel to goa before two months where i did not get the final list of hotels till yesterday 4pm.
i asked for the hotels near my place as they are sending me at the last minute, they sent me two hotel names where one is LODGE which has one star and other one is 1.5 star which is also a LODGE.
How can i complaint to the higher authority.
Should i file an official Legal notice to the report (Govt.) or can i get the higher officials number to contact.
I have all the recording from the time you people called me to join the stupid company till last call by 11.15 am today.
I am a platinum card holder and i dint get the fine hotels in my previous bookings too.
The consumer support Ramya is just treating me bad, lethargic and giving fake promises delaying the work.

I still did not get my complementary kit. Where I paid my amount in Jan.
they did told me 50% discounts on therapy but later Ms. Ramya told no to it.
last booking i found a fraud allowance happening where ms.ramya told three times higher rates as GST but i found it as fake one after sourcing to the hotel directly.
i too did not get my monthly complementary tickets.
They told me they will deliver to my address by 20th but I did not get yet.

Revert me.
Or I am taking this to the Legal Consumer association
(Govt.) and filing a case against you from our company.

Nov 21, 2017
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  • He
      May 27, 2018

    Booked 2 holidays with National Holidays 1 on 4th June and one at start of Oct, first one canceled two and half weeks before due to go, second one dosnt look good only 3 people booked on so far, no offer of discount or compensation for upset, cant get another holiday at this late stage, wont book with them again cant be trusted.

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