The Coca-Cola Company / delivery change/ no sales rep.

I am customer acct #[protected].
I had Tuesday for Thursday delivery, I attempted to place order on 5/22 for 5/24 delivery, I was told that my delivery schedule had changed to Monday's (without any notice). And due to the Holiday on 5/28, my next scheduled delivery would be 6/04. Out of frustration, I didn't place order. I asked who my sales rep. was because my old rep. is no longer answering messages, I was told it was John Davis, and he would contact me in 3-5 business days. (WHAT A JOKE, ) He never called)
I the received a call 5/23, asking if I needed an order, and due to the holiday, I would be getting an off schedule delivery on 5/25, great, too bad customer service didn't know this the day before.

Fast forward to 6/8, once again go the place an order for new delivery day of Monday (6/11), now told that cut of day is Thursday for Monday, now I missed the window, no order now till 6/18.
Why has it become such a hassle to BUY your product?,
I am happy your sales are such, that you can treat customers in such a way, I can sell pepsi or Snapple.

Jun 08, 2018

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