The Cash Storebeing told that's enough and all I was doing was getting, 6 pieces of candy from two different bowls

I came in the store to pay on my loan and as I was waiting for the lady to finish up with the other customers. I put my hand in two different bowls to get some candy and as I took out six snickers I was told by the lady that's enough meaning I was taking to much candy. She said this in front of the other customers and made me feel like I was doing something very wrong. I felt so bad about being told off in front of other customers like I was steeling her candy and being put down for getting a little candy from two different bowls. I have never been made to feel less of a person over this matter before this happened to me. I can only guess what the other customers were thinking about me being told off in front of them. I would not want this to happen to any one else. I paid on my bill and left feeling very sad and heart broken over this. So, I came back today with a fresh six pack of snickers paid off my bill and gave her the candy I bought for the store and she said she could not take it because she does not buy it. I left it there any way because I wanted to give the candy back to the store. I have had many loans, but never did I have any problem with the store or the people that worked there until this happened. I believe this happened on [protected]. I would like to be compensated for the embarrassment I have gone through and hope and pray this does not happen to any one else because of the thoughtless emotion from this lady named Yvonne. I have had many loans at this business and will continue if this matter is settled. Thank you, James Pennington

Dec 07, 2018

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