Terminix / Service and reliability

Dallas, TX, United States

We had termites last year April 2012 and signed a service contract that cost thousands of $$. They came out to do annual check in March 2013 and claimed everything was okay. 3 weeks later we cannot sit in our backyard as there are termites everywhere including in our swimming pool. I called for them to come out an retreat and asked they call my cell phone when they were on the way so that I did not have to sit at home for 4 hours. Did not get a phone call and of course they were here when I was not here. I had to call again and told them once again to call my cell and to send a service man not an inspector. I did not get a call so then I called again and found out someone was coming between 3-7PM. It was 3:30PM at this time. Service calls my HOME phone at 5PM to say he is on the way. Luckily I was home. He was to BIG to get through the crawl space so he left and said someone smaller would be here the next morning between 8-10AM. No one turned up and I once again called and was told no service call was in the system. Requested to talk to the manager and of course was told he was not available. I plan on filing a complaint with the BBB and going to the Dallas Morning News and Channel 4 as this is the worst customer service EVER. I would never recommend them to anyone. Do your homework first before investing with a company like this. I am still waiting for someone from Terminix to turn up!!

Apr 30, 2013

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