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Tellman Knudson - Overcome Everything / No classes schedule received!

1 United States Review updated:

I ordered a teaching class from Overcome Everything, Tellman Knudson in Brattleboro VT. The class came with a 365 money back guarantee.

I ordered the classes on 12/21/06. There was to be 17 classes. To date there have been four. There was supposed to be a schedule of the classes. None was received. An emergency e mail would show up the day of the class. The class would be a speaker selling you their product. I did not get any value for my money. I requested a refund and I was ignored. I was finally told I would not get a refund because the classes started. This is out right fraud.

Thank you, Marcia Siegel.

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  • Te
      3rd of Dec, 2007
    -1 Votes

    The unfortunate thing about the archival nature of the internet is that even long-since-resolved issues seem current. For the record, Ms. Siegel's issue was largely due to a miscommunication. She requested, and received, a full refund. Overcome Everything stands behind the integrity of our internet marketing training products, and the professionalism of our customer support team.

    If anyone has any doubt about the value of the services we offer, please check out our Listbuilding Club at

    Faithfully, Teal Pulsifer
    Operations Manager
    Overcome Everything, Inc.

  • Ke
      7th of Mar, 2008
    0 Votes - Monthly charge!
    United States

    BEWARE!!! Do not fall for the or the offer of the $5.77 CD for Listbuilding. When you get the offer, all you notice is the $5.77 CD price... You forget the paragraph on the $29.95 monthly charge for the membership... I DID and am now OUT $59.90... Call them and they won't refund my money!!!

  • Do
      13th of Feb, 2009
    0 Votes

    This complaint is in real time. I am one who purchased a trial membership of 30 days. My log on name and password was my email address. This worked fine for watching the videos but did not let me log on to cansel the subscription after my thirty days was to end. A questionair was sent which I filled out about halfway thru the trial period. I informed them of things that I thought would improve their course, and also sent them in the comments section that I wanted out of the contract at the end of the trial subscription since I was not able to log on to the support page they offer, for a direct cancelation of my order. My subscription started on the 14th of jan 09 and they have already taken the next months course fees on the 12th of Feb 09. So the compalint is broadcast to the web. Unable to log on to cancel, and fees taken prior to due date. Notice was given in typed questionair that they sent to me more than a week befor next payment was due. Almost a good customer, but service is not what is advertised. Douglas Carlton

  • Mp
      11th of Mar, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Ihave purchased a trial membership on 7th January, 2009. My log on name and password were my email address. This worked only for a day or two and did not let me log on to the site at all and I was not even allowed to login. I tried to cancel my account but could not login. I was not allowed to login into the support page also.February's course fees of $67 was directly deducted from my credit-card. I asked the credit-card company how they could deduct without my knowledge but they told that this was done with my knowledge because I did not cancel the Overcomeeverything account. Then I asked the credit-card people not to deduct any thing without my knowledge. Again today I got an email thanking me for the payment of $67 on 10th March. Even as I tried to login I am not able to do so. I am really at loss as to what I should do now.

  • Ov
      3rd of Apr, 2009
    0 Votes


    Please contact the Overcome Everything support team by going to
    There is no need to login to submit a ticket, just click on the submit a ticket link.

  • Ke
      11th of Apr, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Don't believe ANYTHING that Overcome anything people say. My company bought some of their products. So far all we get are 20 emails a week telling us to give them $1 for the chance to win a Ferrari. In the mean time they've charged our CFO's credit card several times for things we didn’t agree to. Also they DONT respond to tech support questions and won’t give you a phone number. So we paid money for nothing. We have opend many tickets and recieved NO responce.

  • Si
      30th of Aug, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Vermont’s Rutland Herald and Barre-Montpelier Times Argus newspapers, in a front-page story about Tellman Knudson and Overcome Everything Inc., reported on Aug. 30, 2009:

    … The Vermont attorney general’s Consumer Assistance Program reports at least three past and present complaints against Knudson’s business, two involving its refund policy and one involving unauthorized billing.

    “The concept of recurring charges or billing in itself is not unlawful, ” says Assistant Attorney General Sandra Everitt, “What is concerning about this advertisement is the manner of disclosure, the placement, the light gray coloring and the claims made.”

    Everitt, pointing to the state’s Consumer Fraud Act that “makes it unlawful to engage in unfair or deceptive acts or practices, ” says her program is seeking to speak with other complainants. People can call (802) 656-3183 or, toll free outside Chittenden County, (800) 649-2424. …

    The full story is available at or

  • Wo
      31st of Aug, 2009
    -1 Votes

    Stupid people, Read the the agreement! I am not affiliated with Knudsen in any way and just poking around the net after reading the Rutland Herald article (I live in Rutland, VT)...


    What part of that do you not understand?

    Some people embarrass me as a human with their profound stupidity and need to blame others!

  • Ma
      7th of Sep, 2009
    +1 Votes

    This is common amongst gurus. They lie. They cheat. They steal.

    Here's another example... take a look at this about Stompernet being one step away from bankruptcy:

  • Lo
      24th of Dec, 2009
    +1 Votes

    I only know that to post a Help Ticket they REQUIRE
    your FULL Credit Card Number and Email Address
    which NO ONE should ever PROVIDE to just anyone
    especially if they're an Internet, Online Marketer!

  • Lo
      24th of Dec, 2009
    0 Votes or

    Is absolutely correct; I won a Bank Fruad for just such deception
    by FREECREDITREPORT.COM based on deceptively hiding the
    BLIND BILLING technique more commonly known as "rip-off"
    and I tried to get a Software Programmer to write a program
    to stop such practices but not one on nor even in
    India with my contacts there WOULD write it and they would
    NOT say why they wouldn't.

    The Internet is NOT the place to buy INFORMATION.

    Go to your Local Library!

  • Mi
      8th of Jan, 2010
    0 Votes

    I really hope the Attorney General's office in Vermont shuts down Tellmen Knudsen.

    I have also had a bad comsumer experience with them.

    I should also add despite numerous attempts to be removed from their email list, they would start spamming me again months later out of the blew. And their unsubscribe link would not work properly.

    As far as I'm concerned anyone who looks at Knudsen's picture, these complaints, and does business with him is asking for trouble.

  • Mi
      8th of Jan, 2010
    0 Votes


    Gee, what a coincidence. You just happen to be poking around the Internet, and somehow you come to this board, vehemently deny any wrongdoing by Tellmen Knudson, and deny any affiliation with him.

    Yet you, in a very hostile and emotional way, take time out to post Overcome Everything's agreement and call people who have been ripped off by them "stupid".

    On top of that, you're from Vermont, the same extremely small state that Overcome Everything is located.

    I would wager $5, 000 you are not some Internet bystander who happened to just be "poking around" and wanted to desperately take time of your day to defend a company you know nothing about and call victimized people stupid.

  • Ny
      17th of Feb, 2010
    0 Votes

    People get taken everyday on the Internet, largely because they want to believe the hype. I have no issues with OvercomeEverything, as I have no direct experience with them.

    I suggest those who've lost money take a look at

  • Ro
      4th of Apr, 2010
    -1 Votes

    My understanding is that Tellman Knudson is the embodiment of OvercomeEverything.
    If complaints have been coming in this long, then I think there's something wrong.
    OvercomeEverythingInc is at fault here, no matter what happened.I think they need
    to own up and fix the problem instead of just letting it go on and on.

    I, for one was snubbed for a dollar for the 10 day trial. I submitted a ticket a couple
    of days ago and still haven't heard anything yet.

    I'm going to check again, but this is getting ridiculous!


  • Wa
      16th of Aug, 2010
    0 Votes

    I'm sorry for those of you who lost money to the Overcome Everything program. Another program to stay clear of is the "AFFILIATE X " program created by some clown from the UK who calls himself "CHRIS X."

    It has an initial cost of $114; $67 for the Affiliate X program itself and another $47 for an Affiliate X "Blueprint" program that is suppose to do everything for you on autopilot; which I have found there is no such animal!!

    So; needless to say; I requested and got my $114 back...BUYER BEWARE! I'll be honest with you all; I'm new to this Internet Marketing crap and I'm already sick and tired of it all and ready to say "Screw It !!"

  • Eu
      1st of Dec, 2010
    0 Votes

    EU SOU EUGENIO OTTO RAIMANN =, e considero-me roubado pela Overcome Everything Inc., pois há meses solicito a esta empresa que encerre a minha conta de $ 67, 77, por eu nada aproveitar dela, porém ela continua me cobrando mensalmente não dando a mínima pelos meus apelos.
    Tomem muito cuidado ao se inscreverem nela.
    Caxias do Sul, 01.12.2010 - Eugenio Otto Raimann.

  • Mi
      14th of Sep, 2012
    0 Votes

    I completely agree that overcome everything is a rotten organization. I purchased products in the amount of 450.00 or so dollars backed by a one year refund guarantee. Ha, what a joke after a few months I decided that system was not something I wanted to use. I never did use it and have since requested my money back numerous times, so many I have lost count, at least 20 or more times. Every single time I got an email back saying they were reviewing my refund and then I would hear nothing from them again on the subject until I complained again. They just plain suck.

  • Al
      7th of Nov, 2015
    0 Votes

    Hi kelly, what number did you call them on ? i have been emailing them constantly and so far had no luck getting a single reply.

  • Si
      24th of Nov, 2015
    0 Votes

    After speaking with the company representative, Kerry Sullivan (Mr. Sullivan was portrayed as a partner of Tellman Knudson - founder of the company), I agreed to join the class.
    The class consisted of weekly sessions online payable at approximately $40 per month.
    There was to be a future weekend class costing $5000. I agreed to pay $2000 of that with the following paid as soon as possible - then attend the next class available after full payment was made. $1000 was paid by check card on July 6, 2015 and another $1000 was paid on July 10, 2015.
    Soon thereafter I developed health problems and was unable to commit to the class. I also need $1750 for a consultation fee with a surgeon who can correct my condition. I called Kerry Sullivan (my only contact with the company) on November 16, 2015 and requested a refund. He promised to discuss the matter with Mr. Knudson and follow up with me. To date - silence.
    The refund is needed to correct a condition that is inhibiting me from working regularly and has long-term consequences if not corrected. My current job runs out in December leaving me without insurance. Speed is of the essence to resolve this matter and receive medical treatment prior to the end of 2015.
    I have filed a complaint with the Arkansas Attorney General's office today.

    P.S. As a personal note - not part of the complaint - it seems that Mr. Knudson likes to portray himself as a hypnotist who grew to bigger and better things with self-hypnosis, which he presents on a membership site. He shows his wealth and status frequently online including pictures with Sir Richard Branson (one of my business heroes). I discovered during my initial sales conversation with Kerry Sullivan that Mr. Knudson "won" a trip to Mr. Branson's private island as the result of raising money for Mr. Branson's charity. Mr. Knudson doesn't tell the circumstances around meeting Sir Richard, only leaving the impression he rubs elbows with the global business elite. Good marketing - if not down right misleading or deceptive.

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