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Teletech / Rip off company

1 United States
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I am not providing a [redacted] yet, I would like if you folks could contact the woman who got fired from telecom when she was pregnant. I was also a indirect victim of teletech technologies, I worked for United Airlines in Reservations for 12 years, as regular customer service agent, and Service Director, (Supervisor) United claims that I hung up on a customer intentionally, and they have proof from teletech UAL which United uses some sort of technology to monitor calls and evacuate calls if they are dropped, AHT, avg handling times, etc, productivity. I have never hung up on a customer, I had a very difficult call in July 08, were United crew never showed up, and a elite customer's flight was canceled, customer service in Los Angeles did not compensate, and thus he eventfully after being disconnected from prior agent as he informed me, I had a very frustrated customer. I wanted me to provide compensation. United Policy is for Airport personnel to compensate with regards to any crew cancellation. Through out the call we were talking over each other, which was my fault, and I apologized, but yet 6 weeks later United walked me out and stated I hung up on him. I have no doubt that I did not, the gentlemen made a statement that he felt I also hungup, because number one he was already frustrated. Thus I was the fall guy. I believe something was wrong w the technology or I was just over casted by United manipulating me, since its fairly new stuff, and my ignorance, and Union representation had no choice but to take United's word that I hung up. I don't believe it. The gentleman is writing a letter stating United talked him into writing letter stating that I hung up, for compensation. This was very difficult since I have 2 disabled people in my family, and three other children, one child must eat 12 times to survive, she has gone through 37 surgery's, and is deaf. Very high costs, and this is what I believe this all about, and my own FMLA Family Medical Leave situation loss time. Which is illegal for them to fire me for that. But they can fire me if I hang up. I had no reason to ever put my family in harms way. I was wondering if this young lady who was fired from teletech could provide me with some valuable information to support me trying to keep unemployment because they are now trying to take that back, and if that happens my family will be homeless and suffer great hardship, and possible life. My number [protected], and email is ok to provide to this young lady or any contact of teletech who could help with some inside information, like a automation screw up. something, cause I did not hang up. We feel so victimized. I have till 15 Jan 2009 then I must goto a hearing where a judge will decide if I keep unemployment benefits, I'm afraid without any support all will be lost. I need help fast Please someone.


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