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Tekcollect / Rip off artist

1 Columbus, OH, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 866 652-6500

The contracted agents of TekCollect Daniel Campbell and Peter Klaver fraudulently and purposefully misled our company to believe that they would recover money owed us due to bad checks in a timely fashion and under "any circumstance". When the above reps were asked direct and specific questions to clarify the contract and money back guarantee they flat out lied to gain contract signature. They Assured us that we would recieve our money back if TekCollect did not collect 400% of our $3600.00 investment. We specifically asked for details of the program with the reps and were assured that we could use any checks up to six years old and we could expect money to be collected within months. With their so called clarification of the contract they then pressured us into signing the contract.No funds have been collected by TekCollect. When I contacted Tom Cie, Dir. of Client Svcs he said and I quote "I don't care what my rep said to you" when I explained the above issue of misrepresentation and our displeasure with the lack of performance of TekCollect

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  • Ar
      28th of Apr, 2009
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    I was just contacted today from TekCollect. My husband and I have immaculate credit, and when the collector called me I originally thought it was a scam. I had no idea what we could possibly owe. I asked for some verification information (who are you, what isyour company name, how did you get our information, etc). I was hung up on twice (for being difficult) - All I wanted to know is how did this company get my name and number.

    Tek Collect finally gave me a phone number to call, and it did turn out that a company had sent us to collections for $85 due to an unpaid hospital bill that was a workers comp case. This was the first we had heard of this bill from 3 months ago. It was the hospitals fault for getting our address wrong and not mentioning this was a workers comp case.

    However getting some information from Tek Collect so I could try and rectify the situation was HELL!!! I thought they were a scam or someone had stolen my idenity.

    Apparently they sent us a letter requesting payment but it wasn't the right address. They did say that they showed that the letter they sent was returned. So they sent us to collections two days ago, and decided to call my cell phone today to tell me.

    After 3 hours of phone calls between the hospital, the medical company that had the wrong address (and sent us to Tek Collect), the situationed was cleared up.

    Tek Collect was beyond rude when I tried to explain this was a mistake - However, I am sure they here this all the time. But, I could prove along with the company that sent us to them, that our situation really was a mistake.

    I asked for them to remove this from my credit, and they said they would satisfy the claim. I told them to take it off our report all together since it was the hospitals error and we proved it to them. Tek Collect said there was nothing they could do (even though they were the ones putting the info on our credit). They told me to check with each credit agency in a few weeks to see if it ever hit our report.

    Tek Collect mentioned how you can get 1 free report a year - well as a responsible consumer I checked our credit 8 months ago - so it will not be free.

    I know have a lawyer involved since I am not going to pay to check with each company (credit company), nor do I want to spend the time when it was compleatly not our fault.

    Tek Collect - I understand you deal with a lot of shady people, especially in this economy. There are good people out there that pay their bills on time and take responsibility for their lives. Some of your clients are victims of others mistakes, try treating them with some respect instead of shoving in their face that you will screw up their credit.

    You will be hearing from my lawyer, the Better Business Bureau, from your Corp. Office, and I plan on putting this statement on as many sites as possible.

  • Li
      8th of Sep, 2009
    +1 Votes

    I have not dealt with TekCollect directly, but as a collection agency executive I can suggest to you that you write a letter describing this situation to the medical provider whose mistake it was that led to your account going to TekCollect. They are responsible for not billing a consumer for charges on a Workers Comp claim and would have some liability for this matter. In most situations, the client of the offending collection agency (your medical provider in this case) would likely be able to have the most leverage in getting TekCollect's cooperation in deleting the item from your credit report.

    Good luck in getting it deleted - if you are not able to do that right away, you do have the option of adding a comment to the tradeline on your credit report to explain the situation. That won't mitigate the effect on a credit score, but will be helpful if anyone is questioning the collection item being there. It is my understanding that many creditors disregard medical collections, and they all certainly understand that credit reports are not totally reliable because of just such situations as this.

  • Ss
      19th of Jan, 2010
    +1 Votes

    Tek Collect approached me about a year ago in attempt to collect a debt for their client who I allegedly owe money. I have explained to the rep on the phone that I dispute the validity of this debt. He suggested that I write a letter to TEK COLLECT with explanation and they will communicate it to their client. I did. For a number of months I haven’t heard from them and then the phone calls start again.
    I was informed that they never received my letter. So I send another copy … and … same story again … never received. This time I will be sending it thru certified mail.
    All calls are from Ohio. It appears that all numbers are the cell phone numbers. Much noise on a background and poor connection consistent with the cell phone call quality.
    People I talked to (different every time) don’t sound very professional. None of them knows what I talked about with previous caller.
    Second time I asked for their mailing address I got a different company name – TCI.
    Everything about them felt very suspicious. Finally I decided to Google them and found tons of reports about them being a scam type employers. That explains a lot to me.
    I think I am just going to reach out directly to the company that is trying to collect from me and bypass them.

  • Fa
      25th of Feb, 2010
    0 Votes

    I was just offered a job with Tek Collect..And they have scheduled me an appointment on March 4, I am beginning to wonder if I should even go to this appointment...

  • My
      14th of Jul, 2010
    0 Votes

    I am in the middle of dispute with TeKCollect and a doctor's bill.
    I, too, have superior credit and this company made me lose
    100 points on my superior range credit range. I never received
    a letter nor any type of notification about this alleged bill
    and what they were going to do to my credit score.

    They had rude collection representatives, but I will admit
    there was only one representative that was helpful.
    There were poor telephone connections, etc. and when I
    tried very politely and patiently to explain, I was told,
    "Well get a new phone!" I have had very similar
    experiences with this company as mentioned above.
    I pleaded with them too that this was a mistake, even
    the doctor admitted it, but to no avail.

    This experience has made very upset. I felt like I was violated!

    They claim that they took this off my credit score.
    I will get back to you later about the mistakes that were made
    and how I wrongly "punished" by them.

    TYPE OF PERSON!!! If somehow I was too late to warn,
    how are you sleeping at night?

  • Ed
      10th of Sep, 2010
    -1 Votes

    went to a job interview yesterday (TekCollect) and it turned out there were 8 other candidates in the room, was given a private interview that lasted about 10 minutes, i had questions not answered and was unable to ask them all due to time constraints. was told they treat their people very well? as a possible new recruit with "experience" i do not feel i was treated well. I just wanted an interview. not real impressed. and i really need a job.

    by the way it's commision only, car allowance kicks in with certain level of sales achieved, there is residual income (still don't understand how you get it or for how long) and was no mention of marketing stragety or $$$ for marketing (for new regions). also there was no mention of benefits (meadical, dental, vision that sort of thing).

    how it works, you get them to pay you $3750 and then they (the client) gives you the lost dollars to collect. out of the $3750 you get 30% commision.

  • Mo
      19th of Nov, 2010
    -1 Votes

    I was contacted by TekCollect to help collect non-paying customers. I paid there fee's gave them all the required info, then the excuses started. Several different agents, all claiming the previous didn't do the job properly. But when all was said & done, after several yrs of them saying they were doing everything they could, legally to recoup my debt. None (zip, zilch, zero) had been collected. the part that bothered me the most was there claim of how they'll hound them into paying. I never got a single phone call or even a hate mail from anybody that was turned into collections. Also they wanted $75. a yr for annual computer maintenance fee. They might be a legit company, but I surely was UNIMPRESSED with the results & service I got


  • Fu
      8th of Dec, 2010
    +1 Votes

    Thru my families business I have placed over $23, 000 worth of bad accounts with TekCollect. After 2 1/2 years of their "service" they have only managed to collect approximatly 12% on these accounts. Today I get a bill that they want more money for their "services". They have not collected more than what I paid them up front to collect these outstanding debts. What a bunch of crooks!! Can I cancel the accounts that have been turned into them and take the accounts to small claims? I would rather have a judgment on these clients than TekCollect sit on the accounts forever. At least if I find these people (some I know where to find) I think I have a better chance of getting my money back.

  • Jj
      30th of Dec, 2010
    +1 Votes

    My business placed over $850, 000. 00 worth of bad accounts with tekcollect and after 2 years tekcollct has collected less than $700. 00 for my business. Their warranty is b. S. And tekcollect refuses to pay my business acording to their warranty and now tekcollect wants more money. I wish i had burned the money i paid tekcollect,

  • Wo
      2nd of Feb, 2011
    0 Votes

    I just read an email from TekCollect stating they have set up an interview for me a couple of days from now, which I thought was odd since I hadn't even told them my availability, nor have I been contacted since applying.

    I have just read all of your complaints and statements and I deeply appreciate you all taking the time to do so. You all have persuaded me to not go to the interview, and further I will send an email to the Better Business Bureau to notify them of Tek Collect's less than acceptable activities.

    I encourage others to do the same, together, we all can make a difference. Not to sound corny, but imagine if the BBB received a complaint from all whom have posted one. Unite! : )

  • Le
      25th of Feb, 2011
    -1 Votes

    I own a trucking company in Washington State. Marcellus Stanley of Tek Collect called on me at my office on 11/16/2009 and told me that Tek Collect could basically outperform any collections agency. I placed 2 accounts with them, 1 locally in my area that owes us over $12, 000 and another in Cary, IL that owes about $9, 600. I provided extensive documentation for these cases, home addresses of the owners, copies of canceled checks showing where payments had been made showing knowledge that these folks owe us money, copies of corporate filings from the secretary of state, etc. I basically did much of their work for them. The Tek Collect rep had me scan and send all my back up electronically to Tek Collect. Tek Collect persuaded me to sign their contract and charged my credit card $2, 200. I have never received a phone call from them to advise of their progress, I have had initiate all contact. When I call they do not seem to know who my company is or have any knowledge of the cases I gave them. I told their customer service rep about all the documentation and after hunting in their system he found this over a year later. When I call Tek Collect can never gives me a straight answer if they are working on my cases or not. Evidently Marcellus Stanley is no longer with Tek Collect and their new rep contacted me several months ago. After hearing the entire story he promised to get right on this and have results for me by the following week. As of this writing I have not heard anything. I would discourage anybody using Tek Collect. All they did was add another $2, 200 to the debt that the 2 deadbeat customers owe us. Like the person that commented above "Matt" I too received a $75 bill for computer services that said if I did not pay they would not work on collecting my debts - they never had done anything anyway and I am not about to increase my losses by another $75. I failed to check out Tek Collect thoroughly before using them - MY BAD! Rip off artist come in all shapes and sizes - beware of Tek Collect. "Leon the trucker guy"

  • Ma
      18th of Apr, 2011
    0 Votes

    Originally what took place was my husband and I went to a cell phone kiosk located within the Base Exchange on McChord Air Force Base, they service all cell phone services; T-Mobile, Verizon, etc.. We were leaving T-Mobile and joining Verizon. The girl (named Jenny) at the kiosk originally tried to port over my cell number from T-mobile to Verizon, but their system had trouble, so she then backed out of it and instead opened two (2) brand new cell numbers with Verizon and handed us two (2) basic (non-data) phones.
    About a month later, we received a notice in the mail stating that we owe $322 for a number we’ve never seen before, but is under my husband’s name. I called Verizon; Verizon then closed out the account because it was fraudulent, and told us we aren’t responsible for any of it.
    Two weeks later, we received another notice in the mail, a little more urgent sounding this time, claiming if we don’t pay the amount within 90 days it will show up on our credit. I called Verizon and asked that I thought the account was closed and we aren’t supposed to be held responsible? Verizon did confirm that and also informed me that the $322 left on the account was from the cancelation fees. It looked like they closed out the account but forgot about the cancelation fees. Verizon also informed me that they aren’t able to do anything about it on their end that I will have to revisit the kiosk that we originally opened our numbers with, because since the BX cell phone kiosk is not affiliated with Verizon, they are on different systems.
    I went back to the BX kiosk and spoke with the manager, Susan; she referred me to a Verizon representative named Jenny. My husband called Jenny and tried a three-way phone call to TekCollect, but TekCollect’s system seemed to have been down, since they weren’t able to get a call through at all.
    Despite several attempts from me and a few from my husband and the Verizon Representative, Jenny, TekCollect has ignored any attempt to close out the account. The Verizon Representative, Jenny, has spoken over the phone with TekCollect and informed them of the fact that Jerico Witz (my husband) is NOT responsible for any debts attached to the account. TekCollect made a note of it in their system under the account, but continues to send letters in attempt to collect on the amount. TekCollect will state they do have it written down that they were told we aren’t to be held responsible, but they still continue claiming (over the phone) that we still owe on the amount.
    Because of the a combination of TekCollect’s phone systems randomly down often, and TekCollect ignoring any attempt to resolve the debt amount on the account, and continue to try to collect money for the amount, I have now come to question if TekCollect is a legit debt collection company.

  • Sp
      19th of May, 2011
    0 Votes

    How come with all these issues, the company has an A+ BBB rating? Could these be just a few outliers to an otherwise good company?

  • Ti
      25th of May, 2011
    0 Votes

    I was contacted by a rep today named ralph, who offered me a position with the company. IT'S A SCAM ! he was vague and tried to even sales pitch me. I asked was this a collection agency he said "NO" but why do they act like one ? He could not answer any direct questions about the job position. DONT WASTE YOUR TIME WITH THIS COMPANY !

  • De
      28th of May, 2011
    0 Votes

    I am a business owner and I just received TWO CALLS from two DIFFERENT customers of mine who said they received a letter in the mail from Tek-Collect regarding a balance the customer owed us. The problem is - we never even HIRED this company to collect any debt! These are good customers of mine who pay in full for every one of their orders! I tried calling Tek-Collect but I cannot get through! My one customer faxed over the letter she received from them and I am just scared someone has our information from our computer. I'm reading all of these complaints against this company regarding employment, but me being on the other end of it makes me wonder WHAT OTHER CUSTOMERS OF MINE did they send this letter to???

  • Sc
      9th of Jun, 2011
    0 Votes

    TekCollect is a company whose management especially their owner (Tom Schultz) is in my opinion a band of theives who specializes in getting you to come onboard to see if you have any direct donnections to large companies. If you do have these connections TekCollect only wants to extract that information from you for them to steal the clients money and yours. I know someone who worked there for a period of time a year or so ago and during their employment every deal this person was involved with my friend was screwed out of the commission. My friend was due thousands of dollars in commissions only to have the company shove them out of the way so one of the companies "super stars" could get credit for the deal. If you decide to work for these theives please know in advance these people show you copies of companies they are working collection wonders for but notice no matter what part of the country you are in, the results they show you are no where near you. Ever notice how publishers clearing house winners always seem to be on the other side of the country so you can't check on these winners. This deal and these liars at TekCollect use that same tactic to get you to sign up with them thinking you will be successful also. Wonder why it is that NONE of their everyday sales people have been there more than a few months if that. This company has a turnover ratio of 300%. Most of their sales people come and go so fast they need a revolving door. Companies like this spring up all the time in Arizona but these guys are running this scam in Ohio. These guys even give the carnival industry a bad name if that's possible.

  • Ts
      15th of Jun, 2011
    +2 Votes

    Frustrating! Unbelievable! Words cannot describe how a person feels to see comments such as the ones placed by "scamseekers" about our company. To read multiple untruths where even personal names are listed in a public forum by someone who does not identify himself is incomprehensible! It is evident that the writer has limited, unverified information from his “friend”.

    Our company was built and continues to grow each year because of our ethical practices with our clients, established sales team, and new hires. Total support of our sales executives includes formal classroom training, field training with managers, and utmost protection of their account base. Our goal is for each representative to quickly become a successful and productive member of our sales team personally building on their past associations and prospecting to build an even stronger client base. Full commissions are paid not only on the rep's initial sales, but also on all renewals. Our representatives receive lucrative commissions on accounts no matter how small or large the account may be. Client testimonial letters will always reflect a diverse geographical area as we have extensive client representation nationwide. In fact, most of our successful reps have their own personal portfolio of client testimonial letters.

    My request is that the anonymous writer and his friend contact me personally to discuss any issues. Everyone in my company knows that I am readily accessible and above all, I am here to do the right thing in any situation...period! I am confident that such discussion would correct any misconceptions about the integrity and practices of our company.

    I invite anyone looking for a successful sales career to contact us for information on positions available in your area marketing strategic accounts receivable management systems to America's credit grantors.

  • Ar
      16th of Jun, 2011
    -2 Votes

    Alright Tom- email me with you phone number and I will "contact you personally" and give you an earful. My email is, and I KNOW you do not have an office in Arizona, and you can not legally collect any past due accounts from Arizona. Email me - I dare you! Your statement as the "owner" of Tekcollect is unbelievable! Hope to talk to you soon, don't be surprised if I show up in your home ooopps "office".

  • Wi
      26th of Jun, 2011
    0 Votes

    I have been trying to get hold of Tek Collect for over a month now and all I get is a message that a rep will be with me soon, then music, then I am disconnected. This has happened to me over 15 times I give up how do you get a person to talk to you I even called the number that is for the corporate office no answer just another hang up. I am very young and don't want to start out with a bad credit history. I need some help to tell Tek Collect the bill is not even mine and the only letter I received was a FINAL NOTICE I have never had a letter before and this didn't even say who to contact and talk to and I will not just pay this debt because I can prove I don't owe it. Any ideas I need the help??? wiggleworm51

  • Ar
      26th of Jun, 2011
    0 Votes

    Contact the better business bureau. Tek Collect will start to respond through them.

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