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Fremont CA and Berkeley, CA, United States
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I ordered a T-shirt from them after having their ad in my Facebook feed for weeks. They said it would not ship until the "campaign" ended. The end date given in the email was the same date of the email, May 25. I was told the shirt would ship between June 1 and June 4. The next thing I heard was late night June 8 when I received an email claiming I'd received the T-shirt and providing a link to do that. I gave the company and shirt one star because I couldn't do less. I said that I never received the shirt. I doubt that they really post the reviews as the company has multiple websites and names. The next morning I checked the order's tracking number that I had been given. It was a fake. Then I went to their website where I had to fill out a complaint "form." This form autogenerated a response two minutes later saying that I couldn't get a refund because I had already received the shirt. They claimed that it was delivered to my mailbox the exact same time it allegedly left the factory--wherever that is. How does that happen? I asked multiple times for a refund and they refused each time. I have reported them to my state attorney general, BBB and FTC. I have also asked Facebook to stop their ads. Fortunately, I am only out $30.94. I have also reported them to my credit card company.

Jun 10, 2017

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