TeeChipiphone 6s case

I placed an order February 2018 for a Down syndrome awareness, I received my case but of course it was the wrong size!! I sent it back and tracked it and TeeChip received it on March 1st 2018..I asked them to either replace my case with the right size or refund me, I have not heard anything back from this joke of a company!!! I will get the BBB involved if they don't send me my iPhone case or refund me soon!! Tried emailing them and it says failed, I've called several times only to get a busy signal!!! I will never order anything else from TeeChip and will tell other people NOT to if I see them on Facebook!!


  • Updated by vvcarey, Mar 17, 2018

    I placed an order for an IPhone 6s case, I received the case but of course it was the wrong size!!! I sent it back and I tracked the number and they received it there on 03/01/2018 and I'm still waiting to get my refund or send me the right size case! The BBB will be hearing from me next!!!

Mar 17, 2018

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