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You will buy license, then they will update ''version" and ofcourse new version are not compatible with old one(s) and you have to buy new licences. Be carefull with this company, they cheat as much they can. Its coming 2-3 new version per year or something, good for TeamViewer bad for customer. I am company user so I am not paying myself but it is really really frustrating to update licences all the time, and finally there are cheeper and better on the market as well.

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  • Ra
      Mar 12, 2012

    Same concern than Lisson... An today I come to find out they removed the option to be able to Chat with partners !!!
    Teamviewer is a very expensive program, and you are locked out of newer versions unless you pay MORE money, and they remove features that were there on the original License.
    There are a lot of options out there... I would definitely not give Teamviewer anymore of my money.

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  • An
      May 17, 2012

    The free version super heated my EVO 3D even after app was closed. I'm also worried about infiltration...

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  • Su
      Nov 28, 2012

    Good program. Poor customer relations practices. Via email they offered me an upgrade. I told them it sounds good, but I would get back to them. They sent me the upgrade even though I did not order it. I never downloaded or used the upgrade they sent. After about 30 days I started receiving harassing phone calls and letters with threats to report me to the credit bureau. Told me I should have let them know in 30 days that i did not want the product, even though I never ordered it. They cut off the license I had already paid for. These people are like sharks. Very unfriendly when you don't do it their way and buy their constant upgrades. It's like they are in the razor blade business. It is not about service, it's all about the money. Would never buy their license or use them again.

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  • Ka
      Jun 18, 2013

    Bought Teamviewer 8 business. You may activate the key only 10 times, which would under normal conditions be quite generous enough. Unfortunately their activation is extremely dodgy. I lost 6 activations in less than a month because I was using an Android phone as 3G modem. Then they sent me a fix which cost me yet another activation. Restarting, yes, you guessed correctly... gone is key nr 6. So far no word of rolling back my activations to 10. Sent logs, very helpful at first, at the mention of returning my activations support ran all quiet. This is seriously crap for such expensive software. I am currently running free because I only have 4 activations left and still no resolution from Not impressed.

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  • Je
      Oct 24, 2013

    I have the same problem. I purchased two licenses (big $s) and my version was obsolete within three months. I have limped along, but now that I've upgraded to Mavericks, I'm totally dead in the water, because TeamViewer no longer works at all.

    I strongly advise people to use other options. Stay away from TeamViewer. It was not worth the extra money to begin with, and then they keep holding you hostage, picking your pockets.

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  • Ti
      Jun 19, 2014

    These Towel Heads wanted my online Banking Access to Credit my account 300.00 rather then just credit my Charge Card. These are Evil Hajjis!! And should be shut down. Totally illegal and should be reported to Law Enforcement

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  • Es
      Aug 17, 2014


    Few days back suddenly my computer couldn't use The Teamviewer Version 8 for which I paid close to $2000 a year back. It was sold to me by saying that it is a life time product and we can get them upgraded by paying some extra money.

    I have been using this product to provide support to my customers located in UK and USA and other parts of the world. However suddenly a week back, I and my employees sitting on remote location couldn't access the Teamviewer License, as the message stated " access has been denied from the server" after various follow up I got to know the support team doesn't know anything about and I need to write a email to "[protected]"

    They replied back that there was some fraud happened on the account, so I immediately called them up to ask, as my existing customers and my employees are suffering as we are in the business of providing "Remote Technical Support"

    When further probed from the executive, he sounded arrogant and rude. Now I have finally received the email that my account will not be activated.

    So I'm appealing and other authorites, on what grounds Teamviewer has taken the decision without consulting me?

    You have my money, you didn't give me any notices and you have put an allegation on me that we have done a Fraud without any proofs?

    I have a "Right To Information". Kindly respond back with the appropriate solution to this matter and don't misuse your powers. I'm a small business men and an honest business men, my customers are suffering and quality and standards are getting effected.

    I will not stop writing here, but I am allowing you the chance to respond so that we can communicate and resolve the matter

    Kindly provide me my complete refund, it seems we didnt do any fraud but "Yes" team viewer is definitely doing a fraud.

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  • Ge
      Mar 06, 2015

    I agree with Tim Hurley. I have been plauged by emails from some towel heads saying that are from Windows PC Care and that I purchased a $159.00 service or product from the and that they are no longer representing Windows and are going out of business due to the death of the owner. They wish to refund my purchase back in Oct of 2013. I checked my QuickBooks files and there is no transaction recorded with these people and the information they had on file for me was correct, except that the credit card number they repeated back to me over the phone was not mine. So, they wanted me to log onto TeamViewer and down load the program so that their "accounting" dept. could make a transfer of funds to my account. The odd thing is that they said they did not need my bank account number or credit card number. Since I know nothing about Team Viewer other than what was written here, I refused to download it and told them to mail me a check. Oh, they can't do that. It has to be done through Team Viewer. These towel heads never cease to amaze me with all of the schemes they can dream up.

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  • Ca
      Jun 03, 2015


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  • Fl
      Jul 08, 2015

    Just finished a bizzare conversation with some East Indian offering me a refund of a "purchase" I made in several years ago. I never have done business with this company. I told them that if it is a refund, do what every other business does and charge it back on the credit card. I was told to go ahead and dowload the teamviewer program so my refund could be processed. Of course this made no sense since they did not have any site to which apply any credit or money. I smelled a scam or at best a nasty sales gimmick. They told me the company was going out of business and was moving to if that would generate blind trust on my part This is indeed a SCAM

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  • To
      Aug 03, 2015

    The cold callers are using team viewer as a 3rd party solution. The scam is not directed by or I hope. The scammers used to call themselves Easy-Tech (nothing to do with staples) working for or on behalf of Microsoft. Now they are linking directly to teamviewer website to gain PC access.

    For those of you who need remote access. Please consider using something else. Like Windows remote access. It's pre installed and it's free!

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  • Ja
      Feb 05, 2016

    I bought the new macbook and i try to download and then i called the number. they looked into my new macbook and speaking all this stuff
    I couldn't understand. They swindle me last year for 300.00. I called the next day and they would only refund half the money. I was under the impression they were geek squad. What away to do business. Karma will come back to them.

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  • Sp
      Sep 10, 2018
    TeamViewer - taking ages to get verification email
    United Kingdom

    9.29.2017, I registered but couldn't login because of verification of trusted device. It takes ages to get the email!!!

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  • Jo
      Sep 18, 2018
    TeamViewer - Teamviewer
    United States

    Worst Customer Service. They will do Anything to get you off the phone, to include lying directly to you! Shame I cant find an Ombudsman to complain to. Accused me of using it for Business, proved I wasnt, still not interested. Terrible service.

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  • Em
      Oct 27, 2018
    TeamViewer - TeamViewer
    United States

    Yesterday my Google AdSense was hacked true team viewer! hacker disabled my mouse sensor right away as soon as I let him joint my teamviewer. I can do nothing!!! he turned off my mouse and did anything he wanted with it.
    Teamviewer fix this bug that let's hackers disable your mouse sensors true your service!!!

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