Team Knowhow / lg 55 inch tv lost by knowhow team

shropshire, US

Sebastian.James CEO /MD
Could you have a look at both ref numbers and case ref number thank u
1 . Ref 343282
2. [protected]
Ref case number CC3526244
Hello so sorry about this email to you but I have been trying for a while now to try sort this promble out with your company . Was hoping that getting intouch with you may be able to hepl me as don't no where to turn to now
My promble is 2015 I brought a LG55LB700V tv ser number 411wrmhtj923
From your currys plas coch retail park wrexham ll11 2ba brilliant tv and love shopping there get everything I like staff great at the same time I also taken out
Knowhow cover on the tv, all my things are coved with knowhow which is a peice of mind
the 23 oct this year I repored my 55 inch lg tv had a fault to your knowhow team
As my tv was to big to take to local store they where very nice sorted out time fri 27 of oct ref number 343282 on the day knowhow team picked up my tv guys where great taken care of my tv wraped it up looked after it for me, was told not to give remote control keep that back which I did,
Was told by them that tv will be back fri 3 nov
But on tue 31 I got text message that my tv was going to be droped off between 10:45 and 14:45 me and my wife where both in work them, did try to phone but to late they tryed to drop the tv off,
That night when I got home phone again knowhow team sorted with them next day to drop off tv was sat 4 nov and ill get text message what time which I was happy with as would take book the day off work and be there for them
Sat come no tv waited in all day though that they may be late, but still no one still got 4 text massage that they where coming between 09:45 and 13:45 knowhow track say the same on there way
Sunday 5 nov text message 3 of them saying delivery up date 10:45 and 14:45
No show again day wasted waiting for them
I phone knowhow team which did take me over hour to get thought, when I did they put me thought to customer service which they where very helpful found out it was on its way should be there Sunday afternoon tea time I was on the phone they did arrive your knowhow team brought me my tv in put it on the floor taken off the cover wrapp, I was still on the phone with customer service
We both looked over the tv found that the power cable missing and some of the screws in the back where missing he pop back to the van to check as I informed customer serive of this, no parts left in the van so your van driver went I asked customer service they informed me that the tec team would have them shoud give them I call
Which I did and was told that the power cable would be sent out to me but screws I may buy in shop ypur tec team told me the size what to get and send them the receipt and ill get my money back so tv but couldn't use it
Wed 8 nov got the screws and power cable was deliverd from your tec team
Help from my brother we put tv back on the tv braket on the wall screws in cable sorted tv worked fine had to reset it back up no worrys
Till I saw bottom of the tv as I waited for the screws and cable tv was on the floor when it was put on the wall saw that the bottom of the tv was open lose gape that you could run a paper from one end to the other was not going to try push it back my self
So I phone your tec team up again they said sorry it shouldnt have gone out like that and would sort out picking it back up NEW REF NUMBER [protected]
Day fri 10 nov 07:30 and 11:30 tanks team knowhow wife taken the morning off work for them but no show again wasted morning off
Phoned ahain to find out what was going on and was told tue 14 nov they would pick it up
Tue 14 off work taken a holiday so could be there for them text meagge they where picking it up say the did arrive
Guy pick up the tv this time no care in taken it no covering it just put it in the back of the van and went not care for someone tv at alll
This time kept the power cable wed, thurs fri no meaasage as to when it was coming back your track says delivery complete as same with your phone but no tv
Phoned again on fri afternoon put thought to 4 diffent dept spent over 1 : 30 on the phone to staff which was told that my tv missing cant find waited on the phone to be told my tv losed put thought to customer services the would write my tv off as cant find it and would get a code sat afternoon pop to local store pick new tv up
Sat no text message Sunday . Monday and same on tue no text message jason bill daine all your custmore service staff told me which I write there names and times that I have phoned your staff that I would get my code by 48 hours, its is now past still no code again phone to find out this time your staff where very rude to me said I should wait you get it when they send it where not very help full at all
I was olny trying t ofind out what happing but to be spoken to like that hurts my feeling, as to why I should buy from currys again
Family said should report it to the police and put it in the local papers
We had no tv now since 23 oct so sorry hope that you can help me and my wife
After waiting and taken days off work to be here plus number of phone calls we made and waited on the phone there been no sorry by any of your staff or anything in return of gift from currys we paid are phone bill lost days waited and are time

Thank you

Nov 22, 2017

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