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0% of 4 complaints were resolved
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3:06 am EST

SPEmall Warranty scam

I have purchased a phone from this scam Chinese website I received my order in a timely manner and phone was actually ok (I thought so) but there was no warranty. I contacted customer service and told them that there was no warranty in the box and they said that's ok. Their rep said that they'll help me if anything happens with my phone. Two months later speakers stopped working and I contacted Spemall and they said that I need to ship the phone back + warranty! What a joke! I told them that I don't have a warranty and they claimed that without it they can't do anything! Total scam!

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8:29 am EDT

SPEmall Phone was with the defective screen and stopped to work to early

I bought a phone from the company 3 months ago. I got the order on time, but when I opened the box, I noticed that there small scratches on the screen. I decided that it was ok, but emailed the seller and told that it had scratches. The seller replied that he has sent me the phone in great condition and he has no responsibility over it. I was shocked with such response. And the phone stopped to work after 2 weeks.

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11:08 pm EDT

SPEmall Tablet PC

Really satisfied with my order for this CHUWI Vi7, because I want to experience new processor Intel SoFIA AtomX3 and the Android 5.1 OS, especially the price of this tablet is only $79.99, I think it's worth buying. It is my first tablet but it performed well. And 8GB is enough for me to store important documents... I will consider to buy one more for my father.

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SPEmall earns 27% level of Trustworthiness

SAFETY WARNING: ComplaintsBoard has reviewed SPEmall and found it to have a very low level of trust of only 27%. Our analysis indicates that the website may pose a risk to users.

Based on our evaluation, SPEmall has resolved only 0% of 4 complaints, indicating a severe lack of commitment to customer satisfaction, trustworthiness, and responsiveness. This may suggest that the company is apathetic or disinterested in addressing the opinions and concerns of its customers.

SPEmall protects their ownership data, a common and legal practice. However, from our perspective, this lack of transparency can impede trust and accountability, which are essential for establishing a credible and respected business entity.

The website belonging to SPEmall has a low number of visitors, which could be a red flag for users. However, it's important to conduct additional research to fully evaluate the website's legitimacy and trustworthiness.

We conducted a search on social media and found several negative reviews related to SPEmall. These reviews may indicate issues with the company's products, services, or customer support. It is important to thoroughly research the company and its offerings before making any purchases to avoid any potential risks.

However ComplaintsBoard has detected that:
  • We found clear and detailed contact information for SPEmall. The company provides a physical address, 2 phone numbers, and 2 emails, as well as 3 social media accounts. This demonstrates a commitment to customer service and transparency, which is a positive sign for building trust with customers.
  • SPEmall has claimed the domain name for for a long time, scammers and fraudulent websites can also claim domain names for a long time and use this as a tactic to appear more trustworthy.
  • has a valid SSL certificate, while Scammers can obtain a valid SSL certificate by using fake information or by using a stolen or hijacked domain. In some cases, they may even use a certificate issued to another legitimate website.
  • Our scan shows SPEmall website is free from malware and phishing activities, which are types of online threats that can include viruses, worms, Trojan horses, ransomware, and other malicious code, as social engineering tactics used to trick users into sharing their personal information.
  • has been deemed safe to visit, as it is protected by a cloud-based cybersecurity solution that uses the Domain Name System (DNS) to help protect networks from online threats.
  • This website offers payment methods that provide the option for customers to get their money back, which could be a positive indicator of the company's commitment to customer satisfaction.
Our Conclusive Verdict: The company has a weak level of trustworthiness. We advise that you take precautions to protect your personal information when using this website, and be cautious when dealing with this company. Please reading complaints beforehand to gain a better understanding of their track record.
3:06 pm EDT

SPEmall They asked to pay more than the primary price was

Don’t buy from the website I bought phone from them, but after I paid, the seller asked to provide additional fees. I told him that I needed this or that, but they continued to push on me. Finally I paid for this scam, and haven’t received my order. Maybe someone can post reviews about their experience on this website.

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Albi Saraci
, US
Jun 13, 2017 8:05 am EDT

Man i have bought three phones from them Oneplus one Oneplus two Oneplus 3 and everything went perfect they even assisted me in every step. Costumer care was great not pushing or anything. Your bad luck i guess

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