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TCF National Bank / NSF Fees/notification

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I don't use this account often. I found that the 5 day hold on checks and the teller service to be very slow. So, I only pay a couple of small bills with the account. When I stopped a monthly draw with the account, there was some money left. I wrote a check over a month ago, deposited enough money to cover the check and still had a balance. The party held the check for almost a month, I was unaware of that. But, none the less, last week I used my ATM card to make some small purchases. My account balance was overdrawn by less than $10. They immediately hit me with a $35 overdraft fee. I bought a hamburger yesterday at Mc Donalds, with the overdraft fee, my balance was way over, it cost me another $35 in overdraft fees. I went online to check my balance today, less than a week after the initial NSF, and was shocked. I tried to call the branch, the phone numbers are not listed on the website. After going through numerous sources, I found the number and called. It was a fax number. I went online and called an 800 number and spoke with a customer service rep. She said they do not notify by email or any other way that you are overdrawn. So, being on Social Security as my income, I have to call my son, an active duty Marine, to ask for the extra $35 to cover my overdraft fees. I cannot close the account until I get the money from him. I am embarassed and angry. If they would have emailed me to let me know, and for less than $45 I could have avoided this and I wouldn't have used the card, now I have $70 (plus $7.45 and the cost of a hamburger) to come up with.
I would steer clear of this bank. The branch service was bad, and the fact that they don't let you know there is a problem with your account, so you could make it right.

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  • Br
      3rd of Feb, 2009
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    I had the same thing happen. I had $170! NSF fees! for about $30 worth of purchases!
    The only way (according to their website) to avoid this is spend $35.00/yr on overdraft protection (if approved), or write to some P.O. Box to have them not authorize payments when your balance is $0. (They way 'real' banks to it by default!).

    Stay clear of them if possible. I only had an account there because they don't charge to count your loose change; unlike the 'CoinStar' systems that take 7 to 12%.

  • Ma
      13th of Sep, 2010
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    When we first opened our account here, we deposited money from our Harris account. Once the funds cleared, I paid my bills online. Next thing I knew they took the cleared funds and put them back on hold causing all of the bills to bounce. When we asked why, they said Harris had told them the check would not be honored. We asked Harris, they said no such report existed and they never said any such thing. When we pushed the issue and demanded to see the report, the TCF Branch Manager had us tossed out of the bank!
    Then the OD fees started, re-ordering transactions to cause you to bounce two and three times instead of once. Now they are actually re-ordering transactions from over the weekend to cause even more over0drafts. I check my balance on Monday and the transactions from the weekend are listed. I add money (cash) so I can pay a bill online later. The next day I find they re-ordered all of the transactions so that the cash deposit suddenly shows up after all of the other transactions, which are also suddenly re-ordered not by the date but all at once by amount.
    Which is why we nicked-named TCF home of of the TCF Two-Step.

    PS Repeated calls to managers and the office of the president (where advanced complaints are supposed to be handled) are never returned.

  • Ca
      30th of Aug, 2011
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    I am an active duty Marine and because of this I have limited access to my checking account balances. I have been taught to balance all of my checking accounts from an early age as I am responsible for my accounts, not my bank or credit union. If I can do this from abroad, I would expect you could, too. Maybe your son could help you balance you check book each month.

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