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[Resolved] Tax Defense Network / Tax debt resolution / irs monthly payment plan

1 Jacksonville, Fl, United States
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l decided to used Tax Defense Network March 15, 2017. l had recieved a notice from the lRS. l have been dealling with health issues so rather than handling this myself, l went to the internet and Tax Defense Network was listed as the top rated lRS service.

l was really unhappy from the start with the service and their unprofessional process and mannerism. Soon l just wanted out. The person handling my case stated that l was suffering from "buyer's remorse". But l had a talk with Lee Singleton and thought l would give them another try to see what would happen before considering not to use their services.

l had dealt with the lRS before, and what this company was doing was nothing more than what l had done myself. l knew all about the lRS's allowable expenses and the numbers they were telling me. That is basically how anyone can reduce their payments. But l was expecting something more. That was what l was paying them for.

No one ever gave me a time line. No one kept me updated. l went through weeks where l heard nothing from the company. l contacted them. No one ever went over the process of what l was paying for or what real advantage they offered. No one went through what options were possible and what options would work best for me and why. No one there realized that l would need to get my medical billing information or my actual pay stubs. They came to me late in the process indicating an urgency to meet the lRS deadline, not even apologizing for the lack of foresight and for the inconvenience and stress this might cause me. Not to mention the weeks l waited to hear from them where l could have provided that information before the deadline was near. And No one told me l would actually be represented by another person, someone who never had even spoken to me or had any personal connection to me whatsoever.

At this point l had had enough and decided to end their services.

l had felt all along that what they were doing was something l could have done myself. l had told them so several times and no one ever contradicted me. What they told me was that they had representatives that dealt with higher level agents at the lRS. This initially gave me the impression they could work out a compromise that would help me out in my situation. But l now l feel these agents just go through a list of cases in their meetings to streamline the process, and not for the benefits of their clients.

l now have a debt of thousands of dollars for a service l did not use, and ended up paying $400 a month, the same result they were shooting for. This whole process was even more stressful than dealing with the lRS myself. l am still hoping that l will eventually receive a refund. l could not accept their lack of information, their customer service, and their lack of foresight and failure to offer any options to help me in my situation, or go beyond what l could do myself.

They have a motto for their Gold Star customer service .
"If you are not satisfied at any time with
Tax Defense Network's level of service, contact
Gold Star Client Care. We'll Make it Right."

l have already stopped their services, and l am working with the lRS myself. All l expect from them is to make this right with a refund.

  • Resolution statement

    The company Tax Network Defense, even by my own admission and comments, never did anything contrary to what they said they were going to do. They provide a service for people who need help with the lRS. Because of my health issues at the time, l couldn't deal with the lRS so l chose TDN because the were the highest rated tax resolution company. There would have been a problem with any company l would have dealt with because l am very familiar in dealing with the lRS and their processes. l previously had worked out several "hardship" payment plans with the lRS. TDN put in their time and effort while they represented me. ln the end, l just felt l would do better representing myself. However, they do help many people who have lRS tax issues. l have been communicating with TDN, and we have agreed to a fair agreement.

May 24, 2017

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